Post news RSS Sector Six version 0.9.9 is now available! Play now!

Sector Six is now better than ever! Play before it leaves Early Access to help me find the last problems.

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Important: Your saves will not be deleted from now on.

Version 0.9.9 highlights:

Full story

The story campaign is finished!
Will you stop the Machines?


The most powerful parts ever!
Each relic comes with unique skin and game-changing effects.

Weapon rework

Modify your ability ether costs and cooldowns by installing reworked nodes and pylons!
Includes new part properties.

Ability rework

Abilities now unlock with level and they are no longer bound to classes.
More possibilities and better progression!

Ether rework

Ether properties now scale with level!
Everything that relates to ether has improved.

Loot rework

Loot quality is now affected by minion strength and difficulty level!
Plus, tons of improvements to all sources of rewards.

Compressed part rework

Compressed parts are now obtainable from drops and region rewards!
Manual compression has been removed to make super compressed - 4 in 1! - parts possible.

Endgame: Infinity Instances

Fight in forever changing, procedurally generated instances of Broken Infinity!
Made for experienced players: Higher chance of rare mission types, harsher failure penalties, and a huge boost to loot quality!

Endgame: Restoration War

Secure every area in Sector Six to get Ultra Aegis, Ascension Catalyst!
Random regions get scaled to your level: Return to low-level regions with a high-level spaceship for the final battle against the Machine minions.

And more!

Avatar customization, Arcane Arsenal, new save system, improved side missions, evolved modification rework, 70 new achievements...

Full list of version 0.9.9 changes >>

Sector Six will come out of Early Access on September 7th and I need your help to spot problems - more than ever!
I can't guarantee that there are no crashes/balancing issues left, but most of the content should work as intended.

Have fun!

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Infinity Instances.png

Arcane Arsenal.png

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