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We've got some exciting developments coming up soon, and a new addition to our mod. Plus, a sneak peek of The USSA! Stay tuned........

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Greetings and Salutations! I'm Alphonse, Head Developer of Fallen Glory and The Faction Conception Department responsible for seeing the creation of each faction and ensuring top quality units and skins.

This week we've got a little update to show you all, so without further ado, here it is.

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  • The United Socialist States of America; a communist resistance movement based in Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan, Indiana, and parts of Iowa and Missouri. These workers possess immense industrial capabilities, producing weapons and vehicles at an alarming rate, so much so that there were 5 rifles for every man in the movement. They fight a motorized guerilla war against the Capitalists, pushing forth their Bolshevik Ideology upon others through charismatic political speakers and manipulation of Labour Unions, turning peaceful protesters into vicious revolutionaries for the cause. Fighting with whatever they can afford to buy or produce, the Socialists fight using armed vehicles to quickly encircle and crush their foes in hit-and-run attacks, before speeding away from enemy retaliation. The large numbers of their fighters can be attributed to contracted mercenaries and press-gang victims provided by the de-facto Secret Police; La Cosa Nostra. The mafia keep order through violence and promotion of their businesses. People deal with abuse and change better when they have cheap booze, warm bodies in their beds, and good entertainment. The have many automatic weapons in their arsenal, but their soldiers' skills are lackluster at best and atrocious at worst. Mobility, tactical thinking, and use of elite saboteurs will be the key to the liberation of the working class from the Capitalist Pigs.
  • The Renault FT and Austin Armored Car have been added to the game.

unknown 26

  • New Union G.Is courtesy of our Skinner, Tony
  • California and Texas Factions in development, pictures coming soon.

And with that we've reached the end of our update. Contact me if you want to help us on the project, and I wish you a marvelous day!

StrangerForgotten - - 283 comments

Texturer, skinner is different, just saying, also you should be giving credit to the mods these skins originated from as well as asking permission.

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Alphonse12 Author
Alphonse12 - - 159 comments

Done. We are new to the modding scene, and still have much to learn. I should also have mentioned the skins you are referring to are not final and are for all intents and purposes examples of a concept, not final.

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