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The first proper demo of this mod has been released, including the first 3 acts and the HUB world.

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A new playable update has been released of the Planet Wisp Project, with this mod you can blast your way through all six acts of the original Planet Wisp from Sonic Colors, this current version includes the first half of the stages, Acts 1, 2 and 3, all of which have both Classic and Modern versions playable.

None of the stages are exact 1:1 ports of the original stages, all three stages included in the current version have rather been accurately remade to work with Sonic Generations' engine, and the two versions of each stage vary from each other to where Modern Sonic can use the Orange Rocket wisp while Classic Sonic can roll his way through obstacles and up walls with the Pink Spikes wisp, allowing for a variety of challenges to gather all of the Red Medals and allowing players to experience Sonic Colors in a different way with Classic Sonic.

To download this update please follow this link: Be sure to also download the patch which fixes a few bugs as listed below: If you experience any more bugs with this mod drop a comment below and I will do what I can to sort it out.


  • Egg Chaser at the start of Act 3 Modern no longer gets destroyed when boosting from the ramp.
  • Lag has been reduced slightly in the quickstepping section of Act 3.
  • Spikes can no longer be abused in Classic Act 3.
  • One of the pathways in Classic Act 1 is now possible to get through.
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CloneWarrior85 - - 3,475 comments

Too much brightness Dx

But looking sweet :D

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SKmaric Author
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I am currently working on Act 4 and working on lowering the brightness a bit, I will try to get a new video out within a week.

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