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We've just posted our second teaser trailer for Oxygen to YouTube and attached it to our IndieDB game page. In addition, we've added over a dozen new screen shots showing the first level in action.

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Full details about Oxygen can be found on the game home page.

Since the last update, we've made a tonne of progress, including:
- Nearly finished design of first level for prototype testing
- Added AI using Rival Theory's RAIN
- Added some traps, counter-traps and puzzles to the level
- You can now swim in the reservoir!
- Containers and lockers are interactive

Oxygen 2015 09 12 00 20 26 42

Figure 1: AI or playable character.

Our remaining tasks before the prototype goes public include only a few more things:
- Pick-ups and inventory systems
- Crafting and trap triggering
- AI tweaks and updates

We've also started a GreenLight Concept page over on Steam. We'd appreciate any getting any feedback or questions you may have either here on IdieDB or on the GreenLight page.

The first prototype will be vs-AI only. Multiplayer using GameSparks will be the primary focus immediately after that.

Oxygen 2015 09 11 20 52 43 19

Figure2: Take a dip in the water reservoir.

We'll be looking for people to join our closed, private prototype test very soon.

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