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Our second Alpha Build release, featuring a lot of new Objects, features, bugfixes and enhancements.

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Hello Battletech Fans! It's time for our next update - the second MCO release. We wish to thank all the people who downloaded and played MCO's first release. Special thanks to all of you that playtested and reported bugs and other problems. Many of the problems and bugs found in the first release were fixed and there are many new features in the current build. We are very happy about receiving so much positive feedback and the interest you people still show into that yewel of a game.

We would like to outline 4 very big changes in this new build :

- Texture resolution for in game objects (mechs, vehicles, buildings) and terrain detail texture is now 256x256 (was 128x128)
- Memory allocation for game and Editor is changed and that fixed many issues.
- New maps 140x140, 160x160, 180x180 and 200x200
- 15 (!!!) new mechs added to the game

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Also, the following changes and additions have been made:

- 3 wide resolutions supported; 1920x1200, 1680x1050 and 1440x900.
- engine behaviour in distance rendering changed for better stability
- New weapon turrets (Autocannon, Heavy Laser, LRM, Calliope, Mobile AC and CTRL Vehicle, MRM, Popup MRM and Camo LRM)
- All MC1 pilots are now in MCO, special thanks to ThorC for this !!
- ABL commands for missionbrains and mechbrain functions fixed and added
- better memory allocation in editor
- Some editor boundaries bumped (max skies, number of pilots)

And many more (see the download description for a complete list of new features).

Campaigns included :

Magic's Exodus Campaign (vers.2.0) A rebalanced version (a little harder) of the old Carver 5 campaign which uses the new units. MW2 Mercs as a fully playable campaign with the duration to the end of Solaris games. New campaigns are in the work and old ones are in state of being ported over, we will release them in time and step by step.

So, without anymore talking, here you can find the download (click image) :)

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Have fun, and be sure to check out our Image Gallery, we have uploaded new WIP Images and ready textured models which are currently in the state of being converted into ingame.

Here is an example, what you can find over there and what we are planing for the new game :

User Posted Image User Posted Image
(Click to enlarge the images)

Also be sure to check out our recruiting post as well (see our forum stickies at HLP). A really big cudos at this point to Magic, our lonesome warrior coder :) He would be very happy to double the size of his department, so if you have any skills in C++ and/or XNA; be sure to contact us if you want to help us out. We have many plans, and it's all possible, we just need more manpower. Also, UV-Mappers are always welcome at the party. If you think you can provide some skills (and not only the before mentioned), send us your "batchall"

The MCO-Team

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