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Hello everything, want to announce that new season of FOnline 3 incoming

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At 19.06.2021 new season come with many new content and mechanics.

last update for season 3:

-Class Perks Gets Scalling Ability:

  • Assassin for each perception gets a critical chance
  • Chosen One for each charisma gets a Hit point
  • Cyborg for each luck gets critical power
  • Deathclaw for each strength gets 10% sneath and deathclaw doesnt have 50 flat stealth
  • Killer for each agility gets 1% to double damage and doesnt have flat 10% chance
  • Priest for each Endurance gets 1% more heal from healing rate
  • Soldier for each strength gets 1 less in his auto-knockouts and knockouts changed from max ap to 30-40 Super
  • Mutant for each Endurance gets 0,25% walk time
  • Paramedic for each inteligence gets 5 seconds of reduction CD in reviving
  • Leader for each charisma gets 5 seconds of reduction CD in flag
  • Sniper for each perception gets 1% accuracy
  • Infantry for each current AP gets 1 to all DT

Leader Rework:

  • -Flag CD changed to 180 Seconds
  • -Flag Stay for 320 Seconds NOTE: it means 1 leader can put more flags
  • -Leader doesnt debuff hisself anymore
  • -Leader's FoV its halved -Flags from War Event and TC, Turnbased control scalling
  • -Changed buffs: 5 HP 1 EN 1 AG 1 PE 1 DR 1 DT 1 LK 1 INT 1 ST 5 MD

other changes:

  • -Alien Blaster changed Range to 45
  • -changed items cost -fixed faction leader flags
  • -fixed bug with healing rate
  • -Changed loot spawn timings for containers in NCR, Adytum, Junktown and Hub.
  • -Minor fixes in maps.
  • -Fixes in item descriptions
  • -Added maps for the final lore events.
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