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Hey everyone! You maybe know that I do this project with 2 other people. We could need help, so if anyone is interested, then let me know! Here are detailed informations.

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My "Team" consists of a model designer, a beginning model designer and me. So, we really need more help! If you have time and you want to do it, then please let me know!

We need

- Map designers & programmers
- Sound & music creators
- Model designers (with good experience in Blender, Maya etc. for the enemies, characters, textures and objects)
- Model animators (Maya)
- Voice actors (male and female voices)
- Graphic artists (for the character drawings and so on)

If you have another idea how you can help us, then let me know. Otherwise you can also comment your suggestions and opinions.

Here's the post I wrote at the frictional games forum:

Each person who help us gets credits!

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