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The Scythians field powerful cavalry and archers. They have the weakest and faster to build structures, which also can pack on horseback and redeploy.

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  • Scythian Axeman (swordsman alternative)
  • Scythian Skirmisher (can hide during the night)
  • Scythian Archer
  • Scythian Bosphoran Hoplite (bonus versus cavalry, unlockable)


  • Scythian Light Cavalry (cavalry skirmisher)
  • Scythian Lancer (heavy cavalry)
  • Scythian Cataphract (heavy cavalry, has command aura - champion unit)
  • Scythian Horse Archer


  • Scythian Villager
  • Scythian Pack Horse


  • Scythian Bosphoran Ballista (unlockable)


  • Civ Center

    • Trains: Scythian Villager, Scythian Pack Horse
    • Techs: Town Phase (2 tiers, phase up), Loom (Villager, hit points), Steppe Hardiness (Organic units, regeneration, Scythians only), Urbanization (Structures, hit point and armor, disables the pack ability and allows the recruitment of hoplites and ballistas, Scythians only)
    • Other: New ones can only be upgraded from colonies, which are only buildable on capturable settlements. Garrison Workers. Adds 100 population. Cannot move unlike other Scythian structures.
  • Watch Tower

    • Techs: Guard Tower (Watch Tower, enables attack/hit
      points), Carrier Pigeons (tower, line of sight), Town Watch (2 tiers,
      structure, line of sight)
    • Other: Detects hidden units.
  • Storehouse

    • Techs: Improved Mining (3 tiers), Improved Lumber
      Harvesting (3 tiers), Improved Construction (3 tiers), Handcart (2
      tiers, Villager speed)
    • Other: Lumber dropsit
  • Barracks

    • Trains: Scythian Axeman, Scythian Skirmisher, Scythian Bosphoran Hoplite
    • Techs: Defensive/Guerrilla/Offensive Core Infantry (choice tech)
  • Archery Range
    • Trains: Scythian Archer, Scythian Bosphoran Ballista
    • Techs: Marksmanship (Archer damage), Fire Arrows
      (Archer/Structure/Ship extra damage vs Structures/Ships/Siege),
      Composite Bow (Archer, range)
  • Forge

    • Techs: Weapon Forging (3 tiers, melee damage), Missile Forging (3 tiers, ranged damage), Armorcrafting (3 tiers, heavyarmor), Leatherworking (3 tiers, light armor), Footwear (infantry speed)
  • Market

    • Techs: Coinage (periodic income per ally)
    • Other: Exchange Resources
  • Stables

    • Trains: Scythian Horse Archer, Scythian Lancer, Scythian Light Cavalry, Scythian Catafract
    • Techs: Envenomed Arrows (Horse Archer, damage over time, Scythians only), Full Scalemail (Cataphract, armor but reduced speed, Scythians only), Heavy/Swift Horses (choice tech, hit points or speed)


  • No capturing or importing of horses needed to build Stables.
  • Arrow firing units and structures have +200 range (under consideration, might keep this as a default bonus or give them the Composite Bow tech)
  • Pack Horses build most of the structures and those structures can pack
    back on horseback to be redeployed as any structure among those.
  • Packable Buildings have short build times (the pack horse trains slower
    than villagers though balance it) but also have about 50% less hit
    points. Packable Buildings are free (besides the pack horse cost)
  • No farms. 100 food supply provided with each Civ Center.
  • Urbanization strengthens Scythian buildings and allows the training of some extra units, but disables the ability to pack back structures.


  • Infantry: Weak. Average late game.
  • Missile units: Strong. Most techs.
  • Cavalry: Excellent. All troop types (besides Elephants), Many techs and easy access.
  • Siege: Weak. Average late game.
  • Economy: Above Average. Easy population management and fast-built redeployable structures.
  • Structures: Weak. Almost average late game
  • Navy: No special techs for hired ships. Extra range due to Composite Bows.

Format shamelessly stolen from the design document of the free indie RTS 0 A.D. Both for it's usefulness and as a chance to promote it.

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