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SCUD Storm Side Note #3 :->: GLA Vehicle/Team Upgrades & Radar Jammer

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Did you know...

...that you can buy GLA Vehicle/Team Upgrades when you're inside a GLA Vehicle?

As soon as you're inside any GLA Vehicle all available Upgrades got displayed on your Vehicle Upgrade Bar on the left of your Screen. To buy them press the respective key (1-4 by default). Also the GLA Radar Van has the ability to disable the Enemy Radar temporarily.

Take a look:


how will the whole radar van thing work, im guessing it will have to charge, mabye only one per team?

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E! Author

well there's no radar van limit so far. yes it has a charge time as you can see on the video. It disables the Enemy Radar for 60 seconds while it has to charge 120 seconds. Like all the other GLA Vehicles the Radar Van has to be purchased at an Arms Dealer.

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