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In this SCUD Storm update we have the release of 1.4 what has changed since 1.3 and the Introduction of our new Multi-Function Center the SCUD_Launcher (Launch, Update, Direct Connect, Learn How To Play the Game or Contact us).

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SCUD-Storm Release 1.4

I know it's been a while since our latest Release or other News but it was worth each Second to wait for!

The Launcher

This is not only another Release of one more Version. From this time SCUD-Storm will serve Updates by our new created Launcher which has also some other usefull Functions. You can now easily Start and Update the Game or use the Direct Connect Tool that's added to save your favorite Servers and Connect them with only a few Mouse Clicks! But that's not all. We also made a few Notes for new Players to explain them how to do some important and usefull things and created an "How-To"-File which can be accessed by the Launcher. If this leaves some open questions or you simply want to get some more News no Problem, the Launcher also has two Link-Buttons which immediately connect you to our ModDB Page or our homepage.

Now let's get back to the News of 1.4!

Spawn Animation

While it's been some Years that Renegade came out and i became bored of simply appearing somewhere on the Battlefield or inside my Base and our Base Building Logic anyway broke the 'Fixed-Base'-idea and their limitations we decided to change the Way you arrive at the Battlefield (also known as Spawn). From this time you'll get dropped out of an Support Plane with your Parachute on the back until you reach the Ground somewhere inside your Base Zone with a little Info Message telling your Teammates that Reinforcements have arrived!

The HUDs

Another visual optimization are our little modified HUDs. Enjoy!

New HUDs

New HUDs

We also made some Balance changes, added 1 Map and many other fixes/changes and addons (Complete List read below).


Update Patch to Version 1.4
Release Notes:

-Added Characters to the Purchase Logic
-Modified the HUDs
-Fixed USA Particle Cannon Icon (Size)
-Fixed SuperWeapon Icon Color at Map Start(was 'highlighted'/'enabled' is now 'greyed out'/'disabled')
-Fixed USA Strategy Icon Color
-Fixed SuperWeapon Remote Controller - Weapon Names
-Fixed Radar Van Name
-Fixed TeamUpgradeCost-colors. Cost color depended to Player Money instead of Team Money.
-Modified Spawn Point/Animation
-Added USA Sniper
-Wrote a Launcher to make it easier to direct Connect, Launch and Update the Game
-Added Build Times to Purchase Logic
-Added Vehicle Limits to Purchase Logic
-Fixed "crawl" Animation of the USA Sniper (Human 'g'-Animation Set)
-Added USA Parachute
-Added GLA Hud
-Disabled Camera Collisions for Vehicle Drones and Upgrades
-Removed turrets from Win Conditions
-Fixed Tomahawk's Promoted Ammo
-Modified Tomahawk's Rocket Trails
-Modified mig models for a little better flight control
-Fixed Nuke Cannon sizes
-Fixed Nuke Cannon Weapon
-Radar rotates now with the turret Bone when inside Vehicle
-Added China Speaker Tower
-Added recovered Map 'C&C_CityConflict'
-Fixed a crash caused by a Commander that left the Game

"Official" FDS hosted, courtesy of Catalyst of the {AW} clan.

Balance Changes:

-Decreased Tankhunter Explosion Damage 100->50
-Decreased Missiledefender Explosion Damage 100->50
-Decreased Self Healing from 15 per 2 sec to 8 per 2 sec.

About Purchase Logic:

the Purchase Logic controls the Tech Tree known from Generals.
It enables/disables Items from the Purchase Menu depending wether the needed Buildings exist or not and forces Vehicles to spawn at their respective Factory.

About new SpawnPoint/Animation:

instead of just appearing somewhere on the Map Players now get dropped off with a Parachute above their BaseZone.
We finally implemented the idea to drop Players onto the Map from a Support Plane as Reinforcement.
Of course does the respective Team Info Message appear for Arrived Reinforcements.

About the USA Sniper:

the USA Sniper is a very limited Unit right now. You can only walk very slow and you're not able to jump.
I gave him those limitations for several reasons. The Sniper can crawl and is stealthed while crawling.
This also is the only state where he's able to shoot. A stealthed Sniper Unit might be way too powerfull so that's why i limited it so much
and i might also change the stealth state when crawled (maybe with time limit or only when not moving) or i probably make him unable to
move while crawled to ensure people don't crawl over maps with stealthed Snipers. Thoughts about this are welcome and a movie might follow.

About Purchase Logic:

Buildtimes were added to the Purchase Logic which work like the Renegade ones. Means the time don't run before the requested Vehicle is created it runs
after that. There are 5 seperate Buildtimes setup. One for all WarFac created Vehicles one for all HQ created Vehicles (Dozers) one for all Refinery
created Vehicles (Harvesters & Battlechinook) one for all Planes and one for all Helicopters.
Beside this i added some Vehicle Limits which seperate to the 4 Factories (HQ WarFac Airfield and Refinery).

The Values are actually this:

-Buildtime WarFac Vehicles:5 seconds
-Buildtime Dozers:5 seconds
-Buildtime Harvesters:5 seconds
-Buildtime Planes:5 seconds
-Buildtime Helicopters:8 seconds
-Limit WarFac Vehicles:8
-Limit Dozers:3
-Limit Harvesters:5
-Limit Aircraft:4

The Client

You'll need version 1.0 (or higher) installed first and then download the launcher and click "Update", the launcher will then check which version you have and then update your game if needed.

Links to version 1.0:

Final Warrior Productions Link

ModDB Link

Links to Launcher:

Final Warriors Productions Link

ModDB Link

The Server

You'll need version 1.2 (or higher) installed first.

Links to version 1.2:

Final Warriors Productions Link

ModDB Link

Links to version 1.4:

Final Warriors Productions Link

ModDB Link


Yes we also still search for 2D/3D Artists to help us get more Progress with new Models and especially their Textures. If you know how to Unwrap or How to Paint some nice Models (and probably also How to create them) then please Contact us and become Part of the Team.

That's it for our release update, make sure you grab version 1.0 first then the launcher. Also be sure to check up out over at Our forums and we hope to see you ingame!


will this be playable on zero hour?

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its for renegade.

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It is standalone; You don't need either

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Interesting. I'll give it a look.

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I have a question, why is the whole game in German, but on this site in English? is there a translated version of this?

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Very very very little of the game is in German

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E! Author

you could report us which part is still german @ so we can change it. also other bugs you find can be reported so we're able to fix them.

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