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In this SCUD Storm update we have the release of 1.3 and what has changed since 1.2.

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It's here, SCUD Storm's latest update! We've been busy fixing bugs, making changes and adding new content, so let's see what's going on!

SCUD Storm Release 1.3

SCUD Storm 1.3 is here and fixes a load of bugs and balance issues! This release is mainly a update and bug fix client but also includes some new stuff.That's right, SCUD Storm sees the return of it's mighty Super Weapons! These SWs aren't called in by flares like Renegade, Reborn or A Path Beyond. No no no, all you need to do is build a Super Weapon building and then you'll get the Remote Control for the respective Super Weapon. Activate it and you'll be forced into the Target which can be moved across the map to Select the Target Location. While the Nuclear Missile will be fired to your chosen Location the Particle Cannon Ray can be steered manually while inside the Target. Then sit back, relax and enjoy the fireworks while your enemy gets hurt!

And now here's the Changelog list for those of you who are interested:
-fixed that normal Players were able to buy Buildings
-fixed that a Commander was able to buy Enemy Buildings with an Enemy Dozer
-fixed TeamPoints System that allowed you to Purchase all Points related Upgrades as soon as 1000 Team Points were reached.
-fixed that Capture Flag wasn't available after Death when Capture Building Upgrade is allready bought
-modified Rocket Trails (all versions of it)
-modified Lotus' Occupant Weapon to deny flooding with secondary Fire
-fixed a bug that caused Upgrade Keys 1-4 not to work after death
-fixed Displayed General Names 'Superweapon' and 'Nuclear' that were swapped
-fixed that the Build Menu was still displayed for the Commander after a Dozer was destroyed when Commander was inside.
-fixed that USA Vehicle Drones attacks their Host Vehicle when bought by an Enemy Player
-modified 'Capture Tick'-Sound (which is played when Capturing a Building/Placing a Flag). Enabled "3D" option to reduce the hearability and not everybody on the Map can hear it.
-fixed a bug that caused TeamInfo Messages to not appear
-added Super Weapons
-re-activated Stealth detection (for all USA Units in 'Search and Destroy' Strategy for Chinese Outpost, Troop Crawler and for the GLA Radar Van)
-fixed MiniMap of C&C_Confrontation to fit the Map
-fixed that Stealthed Enemy Units were displayed on the Radar
-fixed WeaponName Code to make Weapon Names visible
-fixed GLA RadarVan Terminal
-added GLA RadarVan

Physics Changes:
Crusader: mass 3500->7000
GravScale 2,5->3,0

Balance Changes:
-All Aircraft health and shields became more resistant to MGInfantry MGVehicle and Shotgun Weapons
MGinfantry 1.00->0.30
MGvehicle 1.00->0.50
Shotgun 1.00->0.30

and also to LaserInfantry LaserVehicle and LaserBuilding Weapons
LaserInfantry 1.00->0.50
LaserVehicle 1.00->0.60
LaserBuilding 1.00->0.65

-All Vehicle Classes health and shield became more resistant to Fire and Toxic Weapons
Fire 1.00->0.80
Toxic 1.00->0.80
Fire 1.00->0.60
Toxic 1.00->0.60
Fire 1.00->0.50
Toxic 1.00->0.50
Fire 1.00->0.40
Toxic 1.00->0.40
Fire 1.00->0.35
Toxic 1.00->0.35

about TeamPoints System:
the Team earns 1 TeamPoints per 1000 Team Score. Each Team Upgrade that got no Prize displayed costs 1 Team Point.

about SuperWeapons:
SuperWeapons must be allowed by the Host at the Gameplay Section with the 'Play with Superweapons' Option.
You have to build the Building (Particle Cannon Control Center for USA Nuclear Missile Silo for China) and your Base must be powered for the timer to count down.
With the creation of the Building the Team Commander receives a remote Controller for the Superweapon which works as soon as the Superweapon is ready and the Base is powered.
When the Remote Controller is used a 'Target' (known from the old Version) is created and the Commander gets forced into it. Then you just have to pull the Trigger.
Note that the Nuclear Missile can only be launched right above the Bottom (or any Target) but not in Mid-Air.
After using your SuperWeapon the Commander gets teleported back to the SuperWeapon Building.
Note that the Particle Cannon starts a timer with your first shot after which the SuperWeapon has to reload so better don't stop to shoot in between.
Note that you can't built more than 1 SuperWeapon Building.

about GLA RadarVan:
the RadarVan unhides stealthed Units around and can disable the Enemy's Radar for 60 seconds.
Reload Time for that is 120 seconds

Super weapons

As mentioned above, we see the return of the awesome China Nuclear Missile and USA's Particle Cannon. These Super Weapons are player controlled and very easy to use, no flares or anything like that.You must first have your team's Super Weapon Building built, then you will own a Super Weapon Remote Cotrol that forces you into a Target when used which you can move freely over the battlefield, in this state you can not be attacked.Once you reach your target, simple place yourself over it and click the left mouse button to fire. This will activate the weapon. Remember that a Super Weapon has to reload 5 minutes so better choose your Target wisely!


omg YES "-fixed a bug that caused Upgrade Keys 1-4 not to work after death", you fixed this bug thank you thank you thank you

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wtf i click on link and im only going on up

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Links will be fixed in a while

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Hmm is there a full version too? Since this looks interesting and i want to give it a shot (renegade fan) but i dont have the older version.

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Download 1.00, then download 1.3 and patch 1.00 with 1.3

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E! Author

Links are updated and should work all fine now.

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