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Unfortunately, the UBA's Paradise is truly the last release of Desert Region 2.

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For real this time. I enjoyed making and releasing the last two releases and I am glad that I came this far in this project on my own. There were a lot of lessons learned about modding - most of which could not have been learnt from DR1. Most importantly, I had fun and now I polished an abandoned mod to the extent that I can finally truly enjoy it for what it was supposed to be.

Future plans: I have now moved on to making a quest addon for Morrowind Rebirth and I already made quests and dialogue for Balmora Underworld by Fulgore. Other plans include:

-Fixing up and expanding on DR1. I will make it compatible with Tamriel Rebuilt and also make a TR based addon, surrounding the Redchurch Temple and their presence on the mainland.
-Making DR3 (I already started on making the main quest for it) which will take place in Cyrodiil. It will be the last DR mod in the series.
-Making an iOS game from scratch on the UDK.

Thank you for the interest and I hope you enjoy the last release. I know I did :)

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