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Hey everyone. We have some news for you about the Lost Facility Mod for SCP:Containment Breach.

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Complete Mod Rework/Remaster

The Mod has been updated pretty frequently in around February and then has been discontinued, until now, we are going to completely rework the mod and update it again but not as frequently as last time. Expect a lot to change in the remastered version of the mod and we might even attempt to add new SCPs or completely new assets other than just changing textures, but for now we'll stick with texture changing until we really learn how to add new assets.

When is the demo released for the remastered version?

We're planning to release the demo in about a month or 2 or even in weeks or days. Right now we're unsure, but it's going to be released soon, so don't worry.

Extra stuff

We have a discord server.. so yeah.. join it..

Discord Server

idk why i added this in..

New epic mod logo.

Lost Facility Logo

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