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Finally here it is: The Schein Dev-Demo! Do you dare venture into our dark, perilous swamp?

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The time has come to play Schein! We are happy to announce the release of our Dev-Demo. It can be downloaded for free on

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Step into the young man’s soggy shoes, entrust your life to the witty little Irrlicht and discover the dangerous secrets of the swamp. Learn to solve puzzles and trigger mechanisms, to overcome obstacles and continue your perilous journey through the darkness. Shed the Irrlicht’s light on your surroundings to uncover new realities and find hidden paths, which lead you deeper and deeper into the swamp. But beware, numerous ancient spirits guard the spluttering muds and make your chance of survival dreadfully slim!

Our Dev-Demo is merely a short demonstration of the basic gameplay techniques of this puzzle-jump ’n’ run, with which we want to enthrall you. The final game, to be released in Q1 2013, will feature 12 levels guarded by 4 fierce monsters, plus many secrets and bonus stages, which you may discover.

Screenshots Screenshots

We would like to emphasize, that this is not a „regular“ demo, since many things will still change until the final release of our game. Our Dev-Demo should rather simply demonstrate our current state. It will be downloadable from our homepage and will be continuously updated – all the way until our final game release. This way everybody can experience how our game evolves and improves. We are looking forward to lots of valuable feedback, which we will consider in our further development process.

Schein is currently being developed for Windows PC and requires a DirectX9 capable graphics card. For the controls we also support the Xbox 360 controller, apart from the conventional keyboard.


It looks really cool! Unfortunately, I'm a Mac user, but I'll keep watching this in case you release a version for mac. I'd be interested in seeing a gameplay video in the meantime :).

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Same here. Currently on a mac, won't have access to my PC for roughly 3 weeks, but will keep following for a bit. Love the style. :)

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ZeppelinStudio Author

Thank you! :) If we get successful enough, we will port it to mac ..and PS3 and.. our dreams are huge.
Here is a playlist of all our gameplay and development trailers:
And there's quite many gameplay trailers out there too - like for instance this one:

(You can find more on our press-list:

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