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The work behind combining both 2d and 3d game levels:

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It is interesting when creating a game set in a 3d space, but still keeping a 2d tower defense style. The majority of this game is set as a top-down style, but some levels do have a 3d feel to them at this moment.

In certain levels, there will be battles either above or below the playing field. These act as a distraction during your play time, and keeps you alert on listening for the sounds of the turrets and enemies shooting.

Some levels are made with an added challenge, where the battles below the scene, in which you cannot interact with, still have the same concept as your mission. Enemies will sometimes break past those turrets, and still will give you loss of lives in your game level.

With this it requires more careful placement of your turrets in these levels. Because where you may lose some lives normally, you must be careful how many you lose, because the background battles may give you a loss, or Game Over, if you have too little lives remaining towards the harder "end" waves!


Besides these background battles, some levels will actually have multiple layers of turret placements. One example would be that the level is in a space "cave," and the enemies either travel up or down the cave to reach their "goal." (mission goals will be explained at a later time) With this you will have to zoom in and out to take control of each level, making these levels much more challenging while keeping you on your toes in the heat of it all!


Stay tuned for more info, this game still has a lot to come, and i hope you find these articles somewhat helpful in the meantime! Please feel free to ask me any questions about the game, or of any features that may strike your interest. Thanks.

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