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For this week's update we're proud to showcase the first Commander for the new playable Faction in SCA 3.0 - Amani Tribe! Enter, Warlord Zul'jin - the Scourge of Eversong!

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Amani Zuljin

Zul'jin is a warlord of the Amani forest trolls and has been chieftain of the Amani tribe since before the Second War. He is a Commander with a powerful ranged attack and self-healing abilities.

Like all Commanders of Amani Tribe, Zul'jin has access to the core Amani units. Additionally, he has access to unique units such as:

Amani Scout - light melee unit with high vision range and infiltration.

Amani Scout

Amani Berserker - heavy melee unit with devastating melee attack and formidable endurance.

Amani Berserker

Amani Savage - elite melee unit that foregoes defense for deadly offensive capabilities.

Amani Savage

That's it for this week's update! Coming up next week: King Leoric of Khanduras
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