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Today's news post shows two new Post-War units for the American Marines subfaction.

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Today's news post shows two new Post-War units for the American Marines subfaction.

Click of the unit names to visit their D-day wiki page for more information & pictures.

At the end of WW2 the United States Air Force where the only branch of the US military with a ability to use atomic weapons. The US Navy not wanting to be left out started a design competition for a aircraft that could carry the large early generation atomic weapons. The North American aircraft company won with the AJ-1 Savage, becoming the US Navy's first carrier based bomber. The rapid development of atomic weapons in the early stages of the cold war meant that the size of atomic bombs was soon reduced to the point where normal fighter planes could carry them, making the Savage's large size redundant. However they found new life as aerial refuelling aircraft as their large bomb bays could be easily converted to fuel tanks.

In game the AJ-1 Savage uses conventional weapons as standard, once it has been promoted to elite status it can then use a low yield atomic weapon.

The F5U Flying Flapjack was an experiment fighter plane using a unique lifting body design. At the time aircraft designs either used short wings for high speed and manoeuvrability or large wings for high lift and endurance. The F5U however was designed to combine both by making the fuselage act as the wing. Due to it's experiment nature the F5U suffered from a long and costly development and by the time the prototype was read in 1946 priorities had shifted to jet aircraft and the project was cancelled.

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