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A high level overview of the goddess Saule, her gameplay and lore.

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Saule lore and skills

Saule. Goddess of the Sun. Mother of stars. Warden of the world tree.

During the day, Saule rides a golden horse across the sky, bringing warmth, health and bountiful harvests. Her stardaughters often join her, as they must bring the souls of the fallen to the afterlife.

At dusk she reaches the sea where her horse is washed, and she embarks on a golden boat towards the world tree. There resides her silver castle and a golden orchard. Her servants Ausrine and Vakarine, the dawn and dusk stars, take care of the tree while she's gone.

Saule was wed to Meness, the moon god, but they have grown apart since. Now they watch over opposite sides of the day.

A warrior with healing powers. Strong wealth based economy.

Saule closeup

Sun shines on the rye fields.
Raining upon the golden fruit.
I am not allowed to slumber.
Amidst green birches I ride in the light.
Upon the waves of water.
I steer my golden boat at night.
Of gold or silver or of copper.
Another will be shaped tomorrow.

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