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We finally changed our minds, come read about NNK going Shippuden!

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Welcome to Saturday Update #3!

It's something we said we'd never do, but how could we resist what so many fans wanted? NNK is fully Shippuden!

Saturday Update #3

When we started NNK, we made the decision to focus only on pre-time skip characters and events. This was because it's way easier to design a game with canon that is established. We didn't need to worry about balancing issues, or new jutsus becoming more popular, or even new characters being introduced too quickly. We were able to design our characters around what would never change.

So obviously Shippuden isn't finished. Why aren't we still pre skip? A nice long answer is that fans have been asking for Shippuden for a long time. It makes sense since it has been around a few years now, a lot of the canon is very established and hasn't deviated much from their core abilities or characters. Even though those are definitely factors, the real answer is well, we just wanted to.

Like the rest of you, at the end of the day we're just some more Naruto Fans. We kept up to date with the show and shared all the excitement and sadness that came with it. When we restructured our team, and decided to completely rebuild the game we also made the choice to rebuild with Shippuden. We didn't want to be saddled down working on a game that no one was excited for, it's been four years since Shippuden started!

Are we going to include the pre-time skip characters in R2? No we aren't. We would rather focus on making R2 the best game we can, and spending the limited resources we have crafting new art for the pre-skip versions is simply too much. This doesn't mean you'll never see them playable in NNK, but don't expect it for R2.

I know some of you out there will be saddened by this, but believe us. Transforming to Shippuden has allowed us to not only increase the scope of the game, but also the power and ferocity behind attacks. I'm positive you'll agree it was for the best when you get your hands on it!

Check back next week for Saturday Update #4: Monument's Official Reveal!

- The NNK Team

Animefoda - - 1 comments

What are the requirements of the game?

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dragon99919 - - 192 comments

As far as I know, Unity isn't really hard-to-render engine, so I guess you could play the game on most of PCs of these times. No super machine needed. :P

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blackdragonstory - - 1,796 comments

I think it doesnt really depend on the unity as much as it depends on the polygons seen in the screen at the same time.

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Whizzard - - 459 comments

How many characters you plan to add this time? There's obviously a ridiculous amount of them but do you plan to stick with just Konoha or want to add some of the other characters from the other villages?

And Akatsuki? :D

Anyhow, you don't know how happy I'm to see NNK back and I can't wait to see what you can do with the unity engine!

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RedKorss - - 243 comments

I never expected you to change much on the first release. My comment was meant as a down the roads kinda thing.

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