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Naruto's Back! Come see what our new Naruto is made of!

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Welcome to Saturday Update #2!

You've already seen him in our first two announcements, but check out Naruto's Official Reveal!

Naruto Render Naruto Poly

Ok ok we get it, you've already seen our shiny new Naruto! But what you might not know is just exactly how much we've updated from our old version. We've increased Naruto's overall quality by almost 100%! The detail and animations we are able to create with Unity in mind make our old models look like child's play. We were always concerned about keeping everyone's game running as smoothly as possible knowing we were pushing the limits. So we held back on poly counts and texture sizes. That's all gone now.

You have no doubt noticed how much more fluid the new Naruto model is in our announcement video. The character is able to move realistically with an all new system of weighted animations. Textures no longer stretch awkwardly where we had to make sacrifices before. We are finally able to bring out a fully detailed Naruto that captures everything the character has to show.

Check back next week for Saturday Update #3: NNK is officially Shippuden!

- The NNK Team

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Things are looking much better.

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