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A look at the cancellation of Sapience, which was due for release in 2014.

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Hello Sapience Followers. I apologize for the silent last four years. As it stands, I would like to take the moment to illustrate a common flaw in modding design; that ambitions can stand too high, and teams that once worked beautifully can often fracture. From 2011-2013, Dark Craft Studios was working on Triptych (headed by myself) and Sapience (headed by Jason.) As the team was originally bilateral, this worked out fine, but problems in the construction of Sapience -- and honestly, the lack of any ability to establish a footing and tonal consistency as well as proper workflow -- lead to it being rewritten about five times by three different people. While the project was beautiful, ambitious, well constructed and highly focused it did not find the proper footing and I blame myself partly for this as I was focused so heavily on Triptych, which survived, and is due out this March. We didn't do things in the proper sequence or pool all our resources into it the way that we should, and as such, it failed to release at all. Internal qualms and frustrations led Jason to part ways from communicating his ideas and striving towards his goal of release, and Sapience is no more.

Since 2014, elder members Jason Daysh and Maarten Basjes grew distant from Dark Craft Studios before eventually fading from communication altogether. As the studio is still alive and focused on Triptych, and future projects, I thought I would lay this one to rest and say definitively that: Sapience is cancelled, and if it will ever be reincarnated, it won't be on Crysis 2/Cryengine 3 as Crytek has abolished that SDK/Sandbox 3 and removed the ability to use it at all.


Well this a real bummer, because it looked really good.

You could switch over to Amazon Lumberyard, just a suggestion.

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Well, this is sad news, but ok. After all these years it's not like I'm going to miss anything.

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