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The Sandarian Empire was founded my Miaphelon II, the first king of the Sandarian kingdom (then it was a kingdom).The great empire of Aramei under the rule of Damvens came to an end. He died in battle against the Akkadians. He was pierced by 4 arrows. Altougt he died by the first one.

His 3 sons could not decide who would get the kingdom. So they splited the kingdom in 3 parts.
Aramei, Al'Murtina and Sandarian. With the imperial guards , the imperial army and the main city located in Aramei, he tought he was undeaftable, so soon war broke out between Aramei and Al'Murtina .Many battle where fought, with great losses on both sides, but Aramei knew to win.
The Sandarian kingdom saw this as an great oppurtunity, with the great armies weakened, and his armies untouched, he marched to the capital of Aramei, which was conquered with a not to big fight. All armies of the kingdom of Aramei gathered and assaulted the walls of Meldinna (capital city).
This assault was unsuccesfull. The aramei kingdom was completly defeated by the sandarians. So the former kingdom was reunited under one banner, the Sandarian Empire.

WIth the empire in his former glory, the Sandarian moved up, into the akkadian domain.
The armies of Akadia never stood a chance against the huge armies of Sandarian. But like his father, Miaphelon died in battle against the akkadians, only by 3 arrows. He lived a while after those shot, but died eventually.

His only son claimed the throne. His plans where very wrathfull, he wanted to avange the death of his father. He moved very fast and hard into the akkadian territory. The conquets was succesfull, but the consuequences of taking so much land in such a short time where big.
The former people of Akkadia began to riot. This riots began eventually to spread completly to the south, where the city has revolted. The rebels where to strong, so they left the southeren lands, and liberated the rebel states and had peace with them. So Sandarian could concentrate to its campaign to the north. And this time a steady expansion. Now the akkadian southeren border was sold to the Asarian kingdom. A very wealthy kingdom that lives arround the rich river of Amenias.

War soon broke out between Asar and Sandarian.With the best light infantry on their side, Asar knew to move into Sandarian territory, but that expansion didn't last long, becouse Sandarian soon broke the enemy main armies and began expanding again. But this expansion wasn't cheap, becouse the Asarian where master builders and had as only faction the Necropolises. Great and beautiful cities, and meant to be untakable. So to take the necropolises the Sandarian had to come up with great ideas and great war machines. So they buyed from the foreighn tiger clans their ingenious siege engines. But unfortuatly the same engines soon where be used all arround the world.
But in that period, they where one of the few who had them.

They began to assault the necropolises with their new siege engines. The siege towers and the trebuchets.The necropolises fell one by one. And the asarian kingdom vanished from the known world.

Now its your turn to pick up arms and fight for territorial expansion!



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