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You might have heard TotalBiscuit but have you heard of Mack & Mesh? This post is dedicated to the lesser-known but equally awesome video reviews of Sanctum. Enjoy!

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Like every other indie developer out there, we're prone towards obsessing about what people say about us. We're curious. We want to know what we're doing right.

More importantly, we want to know what we're doing wrong. We want to know what it takes to keep our fans happy. Videos have a special place in our hearts for that reason. A lot of time goes into the making of them. Trust us, we know. We've made a few of them ourselves, after all. And while we don't always write about what we see, you can be assured that we watch each and every one.

This post is dedicated to the unsung heroes, the chaps and chapettes that have taken the time to compile some pretty spiffy video reviews of Sanctum. That said, this is a list of some of our previous favorites.

Machinima featuring Golaso9
We're not really sure how this slipped through the cracks. It's a Machinima video, after all. It also kind of helps that it's a pretty good one.

Kwantonium has a pretty brilliant series of videos dedicated to Sanctum. They're a tad longer than the average video review so they might be unpalatable to some. However, for those who enjoy having something meaty to sink their teeth into, Kwantonium's work is pretty thorough.

Matt & Phil (FyreUK)
We might be wrong about this but we're pretty certain that the FyreUK Youtube channel contains one of the most expansive assortment of Sanctum videos. We're somewhat humbled by how closely they've followed our progress over the last year or so and are proud to share their latest clip on Aftermath.

Mack & Mesh
t's Indie Month over at Mack & Mesh's channel of games and we're rather gratified to see that we're their first choice in titles. Granted, it could have been entirely coincidental but we're not going to complain. (P.S: We're loving the live-action footage as well. It was a nice touch, gentlemen.)

Beached Hippopotamus
We love the Beached Hippopotamus for three reasons. The first reason is the name, the second is his humor and the third? It's because he's hardcore.

Have we overwhelmed you with videos yet? There's more, but that'd have to wait for another time. If you know of any in particular that deserves mention, however, feel free to throw us a line.

Till next time, happy headshots!

medve - - 1,475 comments

good lookin maps and stuff, but the enemy movement and the reload animations really nneds polishing. does this come with a mapeditor?

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SolidFake - - 1,200 comments

good idea to promote community stuff!
hmmm, but ye, if you really want to keep a long playerbase with your game, you gotta release sdk one day or another.
At least when you move on to another project (and I hope to see a lot of you guys in the future!) and when you drop the support you gonnna release it, would be neat to say the least!

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AntonWestbergh Author
AntonWestbergh - - 43 comments

Hey, thanks! :D We'll definitely think about it. However, as of the moment, we feel as though there's a lot that Sanctum still has a lot to offer the world. We don't plan to stop working on our little brainchild for a long while yet. But when the time comes, who knows?

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