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Sam, the main character for TesserAct, has just acquired a voice actress!

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Early in TesserAct's development, we showed you Sam Tanner, the young college girl who finds herself thrown in to the gritty and decaying halls of the Heywood-Bowman facility. Well, now she has a voice.
Last week, the final paperwork was filled out bringing in Madison Redd as Sam's voice! To get to know her a little better, we did a little Q&A

Propelled Bird:
Please, tell us about your work and life history.

Well, let's see... I was born on Valentine's Day in 1987. Did the whole school thing when I was young, right up until I started working with my step-father on his farm. During high school I prioritized work, deciding to be homeschooled so I could spend as much time making money as possible. During that time I got into remodeling and building private homes. After that, I spent 7 years as an Air Force jet mechanic, an Avionics Technician to be specific. Now I'm bored of manual labor and applying my love of video games toward a programming degree.

Propelled Bird: Why did you choose Propelled Bird Software?

Madison: I heard Clay talking about the new game during one of my classes, and also saw an ad hanging up in the school snack bar. Deciding that any entry into the industry was a good thing, I jumped on the opportunity to work with Propelled Bird as soon as I heard there was a position open for voice actress.

Propelled Bird: Do you like the character (Sam) that you are playing as?

Madison: Yes I do. I don't know that much about her (once I read the script and story I'll have a better opinion) but her appearance and role in the game are very awesome. I'm very excited to be voicing her.

Propelled Bird: Did you ever think that you would become the voice of a video game?

Madison: Honestly, I never even thought of it. The opportunity just sort of fell into my lap, and I decided I would be a fool to pass up on it.

Propelled Bird: When you are playing as Sam, what elements of her personality do you try to bring out?

Madison: I'm really not sure of this one yet. Personally, I like wit and snarkiness. As soon as I know more about Sam, I'll be able to better answer this question.

Propelled Bird: Do you see yourself in a voice acting career in the future?

Madison: I see no reason why I wouldn't. It's a fun environment, and I really like the thought of having my voice live on. That little bit of immortality we all seek appeals to me. So if I do ever have the opportunity again, I will definitely do it again. However, I am working on my Visual and Game Programming degree, and programming will be the field I set my sights on for a career.

There will be more to come as we continue to develop TesserAct, which will now speed up since we can begin cinematic work!

Don't forget to check out the latest demo at, and check us out on Facebook at!

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