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You get to transform all the weapons in Unreal for an entire different experience.

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Salvage Storm Weapons

Fantastical 19th Century Weapons for Unreal Deathmatch

You can download the weapon set right now. All the weapons have been transformed and many of the projectiles, ammo models and ammo icons have be transformed also. You can also view the models in the 3rd person view also when characters use them during deathmatchs.

All the weapon changes and animation:

3rd person weapon changes:

Some of your questions answered... I will polish them and I will also tweak them as some weapons are just a change from how they look but not entirely how they function. Because I want to get the main mod finished, I will polish them for that. It also means I'm openned to suggestions how the weapons should change in terms of gameplay. Anyone is free to join to polish the textures or chang the weapons and I'll be happy to take the textures and replace them. I will redo some models also to make them look better in the future. It's open for discussion.

Some things I couldn't do which I'll explain later but it's because some of the way the game is coded, it makes it a different challenge to mod, almost impossible and there's little point in changing the code, so I'll explain this at a later date when I put out an update in the future.

Some new footage... the minigun looks better animated. It's better then I expected. The other models I will improve in the future to make them look better because I was more concerned with functionally. It's tough being a suck up actually.

Making this mod has make me learn about Unreal Gold alot, so it does help me understand a bit about Unreal Gold such as the other multiplayer maps. Epic Mega games must had alot of fun making unreal Gold and there's actually not much to do. It still had taken me a few months to put together in my spare time and it wasn't easy. It's requires loads of thinking to work with Unreal and that's more important.

Enjoy and stay tuned for an update. Feedback is welcomed, you can post in here:

Or at the comments page.

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