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Some great news for me to type up an update, unfortunately no eye candy to show off. This is because the work I've already done is very foundation work, which is mainly the coding to start getting the content into the mod itself, fully working and operational. This update is for people who are interested in the status of the project. This project is not dead!

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It's great that I've coded what exactly I wanted, which took some time. However I think it's better if I waited until the custom content and fully program and made, before I start sharing the results of this total conversation modification for Unreal Gold. This is because I can better explain and show how much life is still for an decade old game this mod is made for.

There's actually a lot I want to show off. I really do however it's better if I wait until I get the full content into the game before sharing anything in full. I don't want to make empty promises by sharing the news now despite my testing confirming me that it's possible, however the least I can do, is to type a post and to explain how the project is doing. This is why I'm posting this.

Also I am going to start posting in my profile updates about my process on getting into the Unreal Gold software, just playing around and experimenting with the UnrealScript to get results, if anyone wants to follow. The post pages here will be just for the amazing results and news that I am planning to show in the future before and after it's release.

It means posting of updates can flow hopefully in the future, such as the custom levels, weapons, new enemies and characters and programming wonders and whatever because everything is going to be different to make this into a total conversion worth it's weight. I've set aside time to build upon this thankfully over the next month, so I'm going to get to it.

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