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... and some concept art to boot. The concept art is a general idea how I want the open of Chapter 2 to look like. This is just a small section plan on what I want the final download to look like.

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While Salvage Storm mod for Unreal and Unreal Gold has been released, I want to beef the download up to make it a bit more entertaining and while worth. I've decided to work on Chapter 2 and I've thought about what to do with it.

Those who want to play the release of Salvage Storm for Unreal/Unreal Gold, can download it here:

Salvage Storm for Unreal: Salvage Storm For Unreal

Salvage Storm for Unreal Gold: Salvage Storm: Mod for Unreal Gold

Download the correct file for the correct game, because Unreal and Unreal Gold are both different. One wouldn't work on the other because of the previous Unreal updates which affects the mod.

Other then that, it's going to take me a while as I made the the next chapter, thankfully you can finally download and play the Prologue and Chapter 1. Chapter 2 will be added to the downloads, so even after playing Chapter 1 until I release Chapter 2, once it's available, it will be easy to jump into it and play for those who've already played it.

Chapter 2 Concept Art

After getting the Old Engine from the bandits, the player has no idea what to do with the artifact. So after deciding to get some help, the player finds the location of the contact who may help him and enters their cottage hedged in the field. I wanted the concept to be as wide as this to fully explain the clamp area making it feel lonely from the beginning.

Chapter 2 Concept Art

However only to find the house to be empty,.... some of objects on the table and around it are important for the gameplay ...

Chapter 2 Concept Art

... with some explaining to do from the house owner. Another adventure starts from there again. this continuing the story of Salvage Storm. Also with the concept art. It will improve over time, because I wanted the house to be a bit more Gothic and traditional and not make it as playful like these concepts, like minus the witches hat.

Future news will be released to explain what's in Chapter 2 and also how much the Salvage Storm Weapons match have changed and what it demonstrates as I progress.

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yay :)

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