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I am very sorry to anounce that the Hell In Vietnam mod has been deleted.

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This time it's some really short news.

As you know i've been working on the Hell In Vietnam mod for quite some time and i have done evey thing i have set out to do but, sandly i lost most of the mod content due to a virus and i wasn't able to recover it :'(


I've joind the United Offensive Team and i am now a part of there mod and i am hoping to add most of the content for my mod to there. So dont worry you'l still get most of that fun stuff.

I can't stress how sorry i am.

P3ACE753 - - 651 comments

We all know how u got that virus ;)

But anyways, Im glad you got most of your stuff back!

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☢SRB-DrunkSoviet☢ - - 1,641 comments


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deadaccount - - 115 comments

this is why you back up your files -_-
no really how the **** did you get a virus?

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GhOsT11 - - 556 comments

IF he is still using Windows XP he is a virus cafe so he should upgrade
Win7 if better defended

Anyway i am happy that u recoverd most of ur content

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Trigger_ Author
Trigger_ - - 618 comments

Well i dont know how i got it my computer just staqrted going crazy

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Foof898 - - 414 comments

This is a learning lesson to get an external harddrive or a usb drive.

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P3ACE753 - - 651 comments

I agree, get a 1tb external drive, they are cheap.


You dont say "This is a learning lesson to get..."
You say ""Let this be a lesson to get..."

"learning lesson" is so wrong xD

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Foof898 - - 414 comments

Did I awake the grammar Nazi?

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Shadowcomand12 - - 31 comments

its dead?

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