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A quick message concerning the progress of the STALKER TAINT mod.

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Sad but true...
Well, I am sorry to say that this mod is on hold for an unknown period of time. I simply don't have the energy right now to work on this. I am a bit frustrated with the mistakes that I have made thus far, but I have also learned a great deal from them. I hope to come back to this project in the future with fresh eyes and a new set of ideas.... and hopefully someone who knows the coding for STALKER better than I do! I am really good in the abstract visual department, but when it comes down to the pages and pages of code editing involved in editing all.spawn etc. I simply do not have the patience.

I do not have my computer right now, and I am working 50-60 hours a week, so the raw time needed for development of mod like this, on my own, just isn't there.

As I said, this is *hopefully* not the killswitch for the mod, but only time will tell. Thanks a million for the support coming from the StalkerMod and ModDB communities, and we'll be visiting this project again sometime in the future, hopefully with a full team, but I'll do what I can on my own if I have to.




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