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Release date and details about the future of the "Land Of The Fathers" mod, new details , projects and wips'.

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As you can see by yourself on the moddb page of this mod, the release date of the first chapter is gone from the 11th of december this year , to "to be defined" , i want to clarify this and most of i want to be honest with you .
1- The first "playable version" of "Land of the fathers" it will be a version with all the main factions units and structures , this means US army , Italian army , Russian Army and H'erks invasion forces , except for the refinery and harvester unit and structure tha will come like the original C&C 3 tiberium wars version , the main reason is to let you guys handle with the units and their ability the second one is to charge time for me to build and construct the new economy system in "Land of the Fathers" that will be fully playable with a single player campaing in a second release (and most of definitive) .
2- Out every of my plan , happens a mismatch and a little dis-adventure , during a personal training ( im a mma trainee) i got a rib broken in 3 parts that force me to stay at home , lucky for you im forced to work on the mod so i got a bit of a breath from the job but at the same time i've lost contact with my sound artist and voice actors for the US section , so this little problem slow me a lot in terms of "production"
3-Don't panic , anyway the next devblog is incoming , (i'll let u play battefield 3 without any incovenience ;) ) with the new futures/units ... and maybe new crewmembers ? :)

cu soon Jen4

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