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Running with Rifles 0.93 is now available in Desura.

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As said a few weeks ago RWR 0.93 was coming in a few weeks and now it's indeed here! Most of the crucial changes were covered that time, go check it out if you're eager for a refresher. A cleaned up and probably incomplete change log can be seen here.

Beta 0.93

On other news, my Mac mini has finally arrived, so completing (read: starting) the Mac port gets closer every day. We're also preparing a new demo, so if any of you, the beta-testers, stumble on any crashes or critical launch issues, would be gold for us to know about it. We of course know each and every other bug the game has, so we'll process the other bug reports a bit later, obviously they are welcome too :P Just stop by at the forum and speak your mind!

Any feedback on the current state of campaign would also be highly useful for us. We've obviously played the game for a long time, and to keep the campaign challenging for us, it can become unbearable for newcomers. Campaign difficulty settings are also coming, but aren't there yet. We haven't finished balancing the campaign, far from it, and especially the maps you see in the later phases might be a bit so-so in terms of balance, depending on which route you take. Also writing (faction, map and base names, dialogue, item naming and descriptions) can be considered placeholders at this stage, that is something we will start working with with a clearer mind for the Steam Early Access.

Speaking of which, RWR Steam Early Access release should soonish follow the release of the demo, the biggest time sink being the promotional video. The last ones are starting to look dated by now so we've got to step up in that department as well.

Gn0meSlice - - 568 comments

Awesome work guys, keep it up. Glad to see you're keeping us in the loop as well. Quick question though: will Desura buyers be eligible for a copy on Steam once you get it up on Early Access?

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pasik Author
pasik - - 111 comments

Thanks! And yes, you will.

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joneau - - 160 comments

uhm, is there accurate count how many times this question is being asked? lol ,not im not offending or that just asking :D

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JackMayol - - 116 comments

you wouldn't want to know hehe
But that's fine, we are glad to help ;)

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SirErwinRommel - - 366 comments

This is amazing, you sir have brought me back to PC gaming

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robando_deveras - - 4 comments

I like the direction the game is going. Been playing since beta 0.76 and its just getting better each time a new update is made. You guys deserve a spot at the top for making a game that is fun and listening to the players! That's how it should be done.

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wangyz-david - - 1 comments

This game looks and plays better and better by each revision. Keep up the good work!

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