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We are finally here! We are showing our first trailer and our Steam Page!

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Meteorbyte Publishing++ (or P++, for short) is our improved publishing model for small and talented indie dev teams trying to get their projects out there.

In a nutshell: aside from your “standard publisher” stuff, we provide our devs with a ton of additional support and services, as well as tutoring and a package of easy-to-use development tools, ensuring that your game gets completed and launched successfully.

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Today we are announcing Running on Magic a small 2D runner platformer where you continuously flee from a humorous grim reaper. Take a look at the trailer here!

The game tells a short story in a cute pixel art world with catchy music to follow along. 5 themed worlds where you can jump float and stomp to surpass every obstacle and enemy.

Running on Magic will have 4 different difficulties and an endless mode where speed will be constantly increasing. Adaptable and accessible to every type of player.

We will be giving more info about the development on our socials like Twitter and Tik Tok and on our discord server! Join and follow to stay updated!

The Steam page is already live and we are working on the rest of the platforms. Don’t forget to wishlist the game if you like it! It really means a lot to us!Header Footer

Thank you for reading and see you soon!

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