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Welcome to our seventh dev log. Today we are going to show you some of the enemies you will encounter in Runewatch.

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Basic Enemy – Elemental Golem

The most basic enemy, this small golem has its variations some being faster and less hurtful, more resistant and hard-hitting. Each golem only has one melee attack.

Elemental Golem

Basic Enemy – Elemental Sentry

This small sentry only has one type of attack, a single target spell from its correspondent element, and like the elemental golem doesn’t have too much health but packs a stronger punch than it. The sentry has a special feature, it carries a shield in front of its energy core prevents which prevents it from getting damaged, only exposing it to attack the player.

Elemental Sentry

Elite Enemy – Catapult Golem

This enemy represents a bigger threat to the player dealing more damage and having more health and resistance. Having two types of spell attacks, one single target, and one AOE, it tries to keep its distance from the player to keep its range advantage. The spells it uses are based on the element it belongs to.

Catapult Golem

Boss Enemy – Vulcan Ignis Golem

The first implemented boss of the game, Vulcan is the representation of the Ignis element and as such has multiple Ignis spells in its arsenal to attack the player.

The boss has 2 phases in which it only attacks the player using one single-target spell, and after triggering the second phase it gains an AOE spell and a special spell, creating a huge area of fire around it, forcing the player to hide in magical safe zones.


Future Implementations

The next planned enemies to be added to the game are an Elite called Guardian Golem and an elemental boss.

Currently, the Guardian Golem is close to being completed only a few more tweaks are needed. This golem is like the catapult golem in terms of stats, but it is based on melee attacks, having a single melee attack, as the small golems have, and a special melee AOE that deals massive damage to the player.

Guardian Golem

And a sneak peek for the future boss:



That is all we have for this week, we still have a couple more ideas for enemies we would like to see in the game in the future, but sadly this is all we have for now.

Thanks for reading and let us know what aspect of Runewatch's development you would like to see covered in a future article.

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