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This is the short information about the Rummaldin Civil War short campaign for the Generals Zero Hour game. Read it carefully.

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Rummaldin Civil War - Minor Campaign (ZH)

Hello all, friends and Zero Hour game lovers.

Here you are some information about the newest missions pack for Generals ZH game.

Its about my universe, and about the period of Rummaldin Civil War (2589-2591)

It just so happened that not all players completed the first version of the mission, so there is another version - a lite one.
The plot revolves around General Borus Vespasiano, who must defeat the army of the usurper Rumalpinx; army, the number of which is really great.

The whole difficulty lies in the fact that the player has neither the support of heavy tanks, nor the proper connection with the orbit. Therefore, it is necessary to fight mainly with armored vehicles, infantry, fighters and artillery.
But there are some bonuses that can allow the player to win faster.

The difficult version almost did not allow the player to relax.
But in the light one - you can use the complex of experimental missiles "Zuar". But even then, here it is necessary to act all the same deliberately. Otherwise, failure is inevitable.

Don`t need to use your original game strategies, its have a new AI!

this is the hard version

World of Infinitas - Rummaldin Civil War

the light version

World of Infinitas: Rummaldin Civil War - Zuar Rockets

Some walkthroughs you can find in the Youtube sector.

Map authors:
Bagaturkhan (scenario, drawings, strategies), Cetx (AI, design)
Thanks CnC-Labs for posting the hard one version in their site

Install it to the Maps folder and then activate from skirmish.

This is not only the one mission about my sci-fi universe

See the group images and articles - to explore more content.

Best regards Alex

BagaturKhan Author
BagaturKhan - - 7,910 comments

About the Rummaldin civil war

Closer to the events of the Acheronian Galactic War (2593), several major conflicts took place in the Primary Galaxy at once. One of them was called the Rumaldin War. Some experts even believed that the Rumaldin War became the prelude to the Acheron conflict. But why? Perhaps because then there was a certain tension, as if the whole galaxy was preparing for something. The smell of gunpowder began to grow rapidly in the air. But the spark... The spark did not appear immediately.

Fast forward to the Rumaldin Empire at the end of the 26th century AD. This state existed in the Far Worlds sector for many centuries. But the reasons for its appearance among the Rumaldins are not advertised at all. According to the locals, their interstellar empire came about thanks to the will of the god of starlight, Khaton. However, this was not the case at all. After all, Rumaldin at one time was a colony of the Artandir Empire, which simply wanted independence. And centuries later, a new history of the empire was invented, which in no way connected it with other countries. Rumaldin was not a member of the Coalition, but maintained friendly relations with it.
The state was considered relatively peaceful and calm until the events of the coup.

In 2589, the magister milites (general) Dimarus Lutetia overthrew the Empress Kriemhild. A military dictatorship reigned in the state. Lutetia wanted to expand his country and turn it into a prosperous galactic empire on the level of Byzantiana or more. The general banished Kriemhild and her family from Rummaldin forever, establishing his own dynasty. He did not accept the title of emperor and left the rank of general. From now on, he was called the Great Viceroy of the Empire. The highest echelons of power passed to the loyal supporters of Lutetia and the union of Interstellar Merchants, who swore allegiance to the usurper.

Using unlimited dictatorial power, Lutetia invaded the Geranian Sultanate located in the galactic east without declaring war. In six months, his army was able to complete the military campaign. Sultan Aswad II, who ruled in Gerani, recognized the authority of Rummaldin and bowed before his authority. Thus, Geranium completely became dependent on Lutetia. Many nobles advised the general to accept the imperial title, but he refused. Lutetia began to try to deify his personality. Ideas about his probable origin "from the god of starlight" were actively disseminated by priests and journalists. He himself called himself a descendant of the sun god Khaton, who allegedly entered into a relationship with the Rummaldin princess, his distant relative. Half the population trusted Lutetia, but the other half began to hate him. By 2590, most of the Rummaldians were determinedly opposed to the dictator. In addition, uprisings began in Geran. Sultan Aswad II understood that he would not be able to serve a tyrant from a neighboring state for a long time.

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BagaturKhan Author
BagaturKhan - - 7,910 comments

In the middle of 2590, Prince Rumalpinx organized a coup. Lutetia was seized and thrown from the walls of his own palace. He never left heirs, and did not have time to marry (although he planned). Therefore, after the overthrow of Lutetia, the question of succession to the throne arose. The exiled former Empress Kriemhilde turned to the Star Empire Elfurr, which controls the Coalition of Galactic States, for help. Pharaoh Senukhsert the Greatest at first refused her, saying that he would not interfere in the affairs of "distant countries". But he soon began to realize that helping Rummaldin would play into the hands of the Elfurr Empire and the Coalition. Moreover, Kriemhilda herself promised the pharaoh one of the satellites of the main planet Rummaldin Prime. Therefore, after consulting with advisers and viziers, Senukhsert agreed to help the empress in exile. Together with her, he sent two groups to Rummaldin, one led by the commander Mira-Biel, the other with the commander Nekhfertari User-Kaf.

Meanwhile, civil war had already begun in Rummaldin. Rumalpinx overthrew the ruling regime of Lutetia and the entire former military junta. But then there were hundreds of contenders for the throne of the empire. Without thinking twice, Rumalpinks declared himself emperor. However, at the same moment, the Herani rebelled. The Geranian Sultan Asvad renounced vassalage and declared war on Rummaldin. Gerani's troops defeated the main forces of the empire based on their planets in a few days. Rumalpinx was forced to send troops against the Sultanate. But suddenly, uprisings broke out on three different planets. On one planet, people stood up for the former Empress Kriemhild. On the second - the locals proclaimed the son of a tanner named Desiderius emperor. On the third, the governors rebelled, announcing the creation of an independent republic of the Artandir type and organizing a referendum.

Kriemhild, with the support of Elfur, recruited up to 80,000 warriors into her army. Thanks to the agents of Senukhsert, the empress managed to buy two companies of mercenaries at once. Plus, one of the Byzantine regiments, on the orders of Emperor Flavius ​​Honorius, was sent in support of Kriemhilda to establish legitimate power in the country. The united army of the empress appeared within Rummaldin in full force. Most of the locals picked up Kriemhild's fighting spirit and immediately rebelled against Emperor Rumalpinx. Rebel armies took control of four planets in a matter of days. Many generals and naval commanders began to go over to the side of the rightful empress. Desperate Rumalpinks threw all available troops against Kriemhild. In the decisive space battle near the asteroid Merovei, the tyrant's flotilla was completely defeated. Subsequently, Kriemhild's army landed on the capital planet and inflicted 5 more defeats on the local troops. Rumalpinx was surrounded on all sides. Its best commanders, one after another, went over to the side of the empress, renouncing the usurper. Special Forces Commander Elfurr Mira-Biel secretly infiltrated Rumalpinx's palace and killed him with a poisoned blade. And after the murder of the self-proclaimed monarch, power in the country completely passed to Kriemhild.

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BagaturKhan Author
BagaturKhan - - 7,910 comments

Once again reigning over Rummaldin, Kriemhilda sent an army to suppress the rebellions and destroy the unrecognized states created on the territory of the state. First, the peasant army of Desiderius was defeated, and then the independent republic, once proclaimed by the imperial governors, fell. The rest of the rebels swore allegiance to Kriemhild and recognized her as the rightful empress.

After the restoration of power, Kriemhilde kept her promise and gave Elfurr one of the planetary satellites. Mira-Biel, Nefertari User-Kaf and their battle groups were sent back to their home planets. They were awarded by Senukhsert for valor and courage, and for aiding the legitimate authority of Rummaldin. By 2591, peace reigned in the empire.
But in 2593, it was once again in the middle of a galactic conflict... this time with the Acheronian League. However, this is a completely different story.

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NikTheSad - - 168 comments

Hello Bagatur, How are you?

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BagaturKhan Author
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Здарова! можешь по-русски.
Да как я.... Если бы не мировая ситуация, всё было б даже круто! Но сам знаешь, не буду щас говорить особо на эту тему. Достаточно посмотреть на новости, и всё поймёшь. Один ужас вокруг... Я думал, что такое только в играх бывает, но блин.. игры, по ходу, пришли в нашу жизнь.
Ну а в плане творчества, работаем с Zero Hour игрой, считаю её - одной из лучших в плане геймплея, как и Battle for Middle Earth 2 или Supreme Commander. Вот как-то так))) Плюс занимаюсь бизнесом, зарабатываю на хлеб, так сказать.
Из Вконтакта ушёл, из Дзена тоже. Базируюсь в основном тут, на англосайтах, на Диске или на ФБ. Подальше от политики.
И то редко на эти комюнити захожу. Неск раз в месяц

Удачи тебе!

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Хм. Понимаю тебя, ну я думаю, что все скоро должно стать в норму. как я понимаю и помню, ты ушел от моддинга в DOW, да?

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BagaturKhan Author
BagaturKhan - - 7,910 comments

Ушёл уже лет 10 как.

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