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The most stable release ever! Lots of fixes, lots of new stuff!

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This is the first release I consider stable. In the last two months we fixed a lot of bugs and now it feels a bit polished. I don’t consider it ready, so the version number isnt 1.x yet :)

RTCW COOP 0.9.5 Windows
RTCW COOP 0.9.5 Windows


RTCW COOP 0.9.5 Linux
RTCW COOP 0.9.5 Linux

Thanks a lot to Sage, Nate, Tihan, M4N4T4RMS for all the hard work on the bugfixing. And Thanks a lot to the {WeB} clan for the extensive bugtesting and bug reporting.
To quote {WeB}*GANG$TA*: “this is the best release to date by far. We played every map and it was superb fun all the way”


  • Fixed callvote nextmap in Church map
  • Fixed Baseout loading image
  • Fixed call vote crashing in Windows due to trivial unfinished MP call vote porting.
  • Fixed Centeprint newlines fix. Made CG_CenterPrint more like MP version.
  • Fixed chair pickup to work like it should.
  • Fixed clients being able to call activate on doors, chairs, etc. when dead.
  • Fixed clipboards from showing on all clients when only one client activated one.
  • Fixed crash loading crypt1
  • Fixed non working custom map notebooks and clipboards
  • Fixed drop so messages get printed as they should. This broke the announcer sound
  • Fixed crosshairnames and teamoverlay not always working
  • Fixed Improved AI behavior from getting blocked from one another.
  • Fixed mg42 hitcode
  • Fixed last door in Rocket that was not safely made.
  • Fixed obituaries from displaying.
  • Fixed voicechat and buymenus
  • Fixed speedrun last life crash.
  • Fixed venom weapon not gibbing corpses.
  • Fixed capslock Walk bug - see /view.php?id=128
  • Fixed When a client has a clipboard open, and they die, the clipboard goes away.
  • Fixed a broken sound
  • Fixed the memory allocation on windows
  • Fixed Crash when a spectator tried to spectate certain ai's
  • Fixed Axis being able to end a level
  • Fixed tram model not always working
  • Fixed walking and running animations
  • Fixed ai's being kicked because of inactivity
  • Fixed flag capture code
  • Fixed scrollbutton to be able to scroll lists
  • Fixed dead bodies blocking bullets
  • Fixed loading screen on widescreen setups


  • Added banning and tempbanning
  • Added obituaries for players
  • Added 1 respawning gun around each flag that will only be there if AI respawning is enabled.
  • Added globalaccum command for player sections, as the accums in the player section are local to each player. This fixes random bugs like Tram, Boss1 start, City gate or Rocket elevator or such.


  • Any risky AI's stopped from respawning. Those who could respawn without guns etc.
  • Applied various fixes from wolfX (initially from ioq3).
  • - static buffer overflow fix.
  • - reliable command overflow
  • Changed explanations to the Skills in Create server menu. Like what options it sets.
  • AI reinforcements always respawn if g_airespawn = -1. If it is 0> reinforcements spawn randomly.
  • End map's Nazies won't respawn after you start final battle, unless you run nightmare mod.
  • Changed Baseout start explosion AI's.
  • Changed behavior of client helper functions; functions will return false if the entity is not a client. We will see how this behavior works.
  • Changed Forest and Village2. The reinforcements had godlike abilities to spot you.
  • Changed g_airespawn command. -1 = all respawn unlimited times. 0 = No respawning. x =respawn x times, now random percentage of reinforcements will not respawn.
  • Now axis can play in both speedrun and normal coop
  • Changed spectator health to be 0. This feels right and wonderfully fixes the AI issue when going in spectator mode.
  • Changed turn on allowdownload by default for new clients
  • Changed g_gameskill to also control AI respawning time. With hard it is now 5 seconds faster than before. Medium is like in 0.9.4. Easy is 5 seconds longer than before.

Known bugs

  • In escape1 you sometimes spawn at the wrong flag
  • If you join specs during a game, you cannot rejoin as long as the game is going on, you can only rejoin during warmup
  • Flamezombies their flames cannot hurt you
  • The Tesla gun's damage is multiplicated by the number of players that are watching the gun in action (don't ask)
  • spectators don't see the endgame scoreboard
  • In tram the ai's sometime just jump down into the canyon


Mateos - - 501 comments

Nice progress, thank you for all your efforts! :)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+4 votes
Merge.Rus - - 9 comments

Wonderful! Thanks for release!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Mikee011 - - 65 comments

Looking good.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
fretnn Author
fretnn - - 121 comments

thank you, have fun playing it :)

and new ideas are welcome, I'm open for new stuff now as most big bugs are fixed

Reply Good karma+3 votes
booman - - 3,654 comments

Awesome! Keep up the hard work! You are the only ones who have done a cooperative RTCW... so we honor your work!
Thanks for giving Linux attention too!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
fretnn Author
fretnn - - 121 comments

linux and mac are my main platforms :)

Reply Good karma+2 votes
Guest - - 694,980 comments

when and where do you guys play? I just checked now and cant see any servers

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
GeneralOwn3d - - 245 comments

"The Tesla gun's damage is multiplicated by the number of players that are watching the gun in action (don't ask)"

Dude... wat?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
fretnn Author
fretnn - - 121 comments

:) I'm not responsible for this

Reply Good karma+2 votes
Guest - - 694,980 comments

Some other big bugs I say:

Lives never drop under 1 (both allies and axis), rendering the impossibility of losing.
At the start of the following map (after the warm-up), all players get the pre-set weapons, ammo and lives.

This two things combined render the game lose its "flow", continual feeling a campaign offers.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
William Faure
William Faure - - 768 comments

This mod is just amazing ! It's better than the Cooperative Mod for Return to Castle Wolfenstein Tides of War.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
brunocar - - 1,158 comments

now we only need a proper secuel to duke nukem and all my dreams will come true

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