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Work on rotten escape has come a long way. It is time to put it to the test.

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Hi all,
I'm Creative Director for Idiocracy, Inc and I'm very happy to announce that Rotten Escape was just made available as beta on Google Play.

You can download it here to try: Rotten Escape BETA

What's Rotten Escape?
Rotten Escape is a little side project for Idiocracy. While working on bigger titles, such as Jumanji: The Mobile Game and Dice Brawl: Captain's League, me and one of our developers started working on this little platform/endless jumping game for fun and to learn a little more about certain elements of the engine's GUI and Animation tools. Other co-workers and some of our close friends had fun playing the little game we made, so we moved on with development and decided to release it so that everyone could enjoy it. We also had the pleasure of meeting a great artist along the way to help bring the game together.

GAME-PLAY: Simple but gradually challenging one button gameplay
ENGINE: Unity 5
RELEASE and PLATFORMS: iOS and Android, May 17th.

The game was inspired by Doodle Jump, but we wanted something that did not require you to keep tilting your phone left and right to play. The result is shown in the gif below. In this game you control your characters by touching 3 set areas of the screen. Each of the 3 areas you touch on the screen will make the character jump to the relevant area. The goal of the game is to get as high as you can with the highest score possible. The screen will scroll down faster the higher you go.

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Idiocracy, Inc was established back in 2014 by a group of "Idiots" that dreamed of creating new game experiences for mobile platforms. We're labeled idiots for daring to make games with relative "unpopular" choices of genre or game-play mechanics. Pirates War: The Dice King was our first title, released on Google Play back in 2016. We have since worked on other projects of similar nature -- such as Jumanji: The Mobile Game and Dice Brawl: Captain’s League -- and now we are starting to pursue different categories of gaming. We learned a lot from our past projects and Rotten Escape is yet another first step for us in this magnificent world of video-games.

Look forward to hearing feedback from the community!

Thank you!:D

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