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Discover more about Roterra by visiting the official game page and reading through the official press release.

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Dig-It! Games, an entertainment and education game company, is pleased to announce that their perspective-shifting new puzzle game "Roterra" inspired by classical literature will be releasing this summer for iOS. In this commercial project from indie developer Dig-It!, players spin, rotate and shift the world to solve complex puzzles in a beautiful puzzling fairytale where the environment takes on a life of its own.

Roterra is an isometric puzzle adventure that will turn your world upside while challenging your mind with satisfying problem-solving. To regain her throne, Princess Angelica, the rightful ruler of Roterra, must travel through beautifully detailed forests, caves, and castles where the land itself has been manipulated against her. By rotating, sliding, elevating, and spinning the world around her, the Princess must solve the labyrinths and overcome the obstacles set in her path by the evil usurper. The ever-changing, gravity-defying environment of Roterra allows the princess to literally turn the world upside down on her quest to reclaim her Queenship.

In contrast to other isometric puzzle games, where movement is confined to two dimensions, the world of Roterra is made up of floating islands of cubes that can be manipulated in 3 dimensions, allowing players to flip, spin and rotate the world to solve the increasingly complex puzzles. As characters change orientation, the world shifts with them and environmental elements such as trees, rock formations and furniture spring out of or sink back into the ground. Players turn and adjust cubes to create an unobstructed path for Angelica and her supporters through dense forest, creepy caves and regal castles. Many puzzles can only be solved by accessing all six sides of each usable cubes to make paths around, over, and through obstacles. Players must embrace disorientation as characters travel across all sides of the world, often flipping the entire puzzle upside down as they follow the path towards their goal.

"The unique rotating system of Roterra and the visual perspective shifts allow for a lot of creativity in puzzle design," said Suzi Wilcynski, CEO of Dig-It! Games. "Our goal is to offer satisfying, fresh gameplay to puzzler fans in a genre increasingly preoccupied with ambiance rather than difficulty."

You can read the full press release here and check out the official page here.

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