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Next and probably last bigger update in the works, release planned within the next 2-3 months.

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Although I had originally planned to focus on other projects after the latest patch, I've decided to make one last bigger update for this mod.

Apart from some minor tweaks here and there - reduced shore errors, increased tiberium harvesting speed - the three major new features will be:

1) New multiplayer game mode (only in Reaperrr's Rules):
Tech Center Madness (or just TCM).
TCM maps will only be available in Reaperrr's Rules. On TCM maps, there's a single Tech Center in the middle of the map. It can neither be destroyed nor sold, but it can be captured, and it grants the player some high-tech weapons that are superior to all other available units. Therefore, it is vital to capture it, or at least prevent your opponent from doing so.

What units you get from it depends on which faction you play.

GDI players get access to more powerful versions of the A10 bomber, XO Powersuit and a more skilled and robust Medic (all of them require a Tech Center on those maps).

Nod receives access to an improved Cyborg prototype, a more powerful Shadow Bomber and the TCM-exclusive Heavy Tank.

Note: The AI won't need the Tech Center to build those units. The effort involved to make it behave like a human player in that regard would be too high. Consider it a positive aspect that the AI is more challenging
on those maps ;)
Human opponents are needed to enjoy this mode to the fullest, though.

2) New units (only in Reaperrr's Rules):
As GDI units are fewer in number and more valuable, it is vital to keep them alive as long as possible. Therefore, GDI command has added both Medics as well as Mobile Repair Vehicles to the arsenal.

For Nod, the first Cyborg prototypes turned out a bit less efficient in combat than anticipated, and Kane has decided to temporarily stop their production and hire skilled Mercenaries instead to better compete with GDI's Commandos.
Also, as the Apache alone is not enough to compete with GDI in terms of airpower, a large chunk of cash reserves has been used to develope a VTOL bomber called Shadow Bomber. This flying nightmare is expensive, but carries bombs filled with chemicals and cannot be detected by the enemy's radar.
Finally, on TCM maps capturing the Tech Center allows you to build the TCM-exclusive Heavy Tank. The Cyborg Prototype makes a comeback on these maps as well.

3) Singleplayer missions:
I have yet to decide how many of them I'll make (that will depend on how much time and motivation I can bring up), but it's a safe bet you'll get at least some remakes of original C&C missions as well as some new, ROTD-exclusive missions based on Reaperrr's Rules.

ROTD 2.9 will be released around Christmas if everything goes well, but might be delayed depending on how much work the SP missions will require.

Stay tuned.

- Reaperrr


Mod is dead ?

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:( ...

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lets hope this new version fixes the invisible menu issue

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