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ROTD 2.8.5 brings a slew of fixes and improvements.

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ROTD 2.8.5 fixes a few annoying bugs, adds a new Survivor map and improves AI and balancing.

Battle! All units and buildings on one screen

Full ChangeLog:

Reaperrr wrote: 2.8.5a Patch
Bug fix: Removes the delay between Bazooka infantry firing anim and actual projectile launch.

Updated the readme with info on problems with the LAN patch (it apparently makes some internet games unstable, wsock32.dll needs to be moved to the DLLs subfolder if you want to play ROTD over XWIS)

2.8.5 Update/Re-Release
Bug fix: The mod no longer crashes randomly when navigating the menus/exiting the game and no longer requires Win98/ME compatibility mode under Vista/Win7.
Bug fix: Applied Hyper's WCE fix. Players are now allowed to select medium or high detail level without risking Wave Class Error crashes. Medium (and High) detail level enables smoke and sparks coming from damaged units/buildings.
Bug fix (Classic): Bio-Research Lab is no longer buildable at Techlevel 1 in Classic mode.
Bug fix (RR): The Bio Lab code was overhauled. Placement adjacency, power consumption etc. were fixed.
Gameplay fix (Classic): The Harvester cannot heal it self anymore, just like the C&C1 harvester.
Gameplay fix (Classic): MCV and Construction Yard are now worth 5000 credits just like in C&C1, instead of 2500.
Minor visual fix: Fixed the offset for smoke and sparks coming out of the damaged Construction Yard.
Minor visual fix: Fixed a few wrong-colored pixels on some of the new shore tiles.
Minor fix: Several unit names were corrected.

Map tweak: All civilian vehicles and the MHQ are now able to crush infantry on the Sole Survivor version of Cityscape II.
AI tweak (Classic): The AI now behaves similar to the tweaked Reaperrr's Rules AI.
AI tweak (RR): The AI now attacks a bit less early and a bit less frequently, but doesn't run out of money as fast anymore.
Gameplay tweak (Classic): Harvester unload duration decreased by 1/6.
Gameplay tweak (Classic): Con. Yard armor type changed from 'concrete' to 'light' and strength reduced by 10% (still more robust than its C&C1 equivalent).
Gameplay tweak (RR): Con. Yard keeps 'concrete' armor type from previous versions, but strength was reduced by 10% just like in Classic mode.
Gameplay tweak (RR): MCV and Con. Yard are now worth 3000 credits instead of 2500.
Gameplay tweak (RR): Cost for Refinery changed back from 2500 to 2000 credits.
Gameplay tweak (RR): Cost for Harvester reduced accordingly to 1000 credits.
Gameplay tweak (RR): Harvester unload time reduced by 1/3.
Gameplay tweak (RR): Orcas and Apaches no longer do the "Curly Shuffle"-move after every two shots.
Gameplay tweak (RR): Scatter factor for inaccurate projectles reduced.
Gameplay tweak (RR): Cost for Adv. Power Plant reduced from 700 to 600.
Gameplay tweak (RR): Value of each bail of blue tiberium increased from 35 to 40 credits.
Gameplay tweak (both modes): Movement speed of Bazooka infantry changed back from 2 to 3.
Gameplay tweak (both modes): Movement speed of Minigunner changed back from 3 to 4.
Balance tweak (RR): Price for Bio Lab increased from 500 to 1000 credits.
Balance tweak (RR): Prerequisite for Bio Lab changed from Com. Center to Hand of Nod.
Balance tweak (RR): Rate of Fire of Chem-warrior increased. Firepower of elite weapon increased.
Balance tweak (RR): Damage and Rate of Fire of Flamethrower infantry's flamethrower increased. Damage of elite weapon increased.
Balance tweak (RR): Firepower of Grenadier's elite weapon increased.
Balance tweak (RR): Firepower of Bazooka infantry's default weapon and elite weapon increased.
Balance tweak (RR): Rate of Fire of Minigunner's default and elite weapon slightly increased.
Minor visual tweak: Reduced the speed at which the Con. Yards 'lights' animation plays, also increased the delay between each of the lights.
Minor visual tweak: Slightly improved the normals (lighting) on the A-10 Bomber.

Map addition: Sole Survivor version of 'Jurassic Island' added.


Nice !

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Awesome, I didn't play the old version much as it liked to crash all the time :/ Hope that has been fixed, too. *downloading*

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is there any way to play this online?

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