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This is the current changelog for ROTD 2.8 compared to version 2.72.

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Reaperrr wrote: NEW FEATURES

- "Reaperrr's Rules": A separate mode with significantly revamped balancing and some new stuff.
- Gangster's Terrain expansion included.
- FinalSun RotD Edition included.
- RotD is now completely stand-alone, no TS needed.


- replaced the TS shores with new ones that resemble TD.
- tweaked palette for TS desert terrain, to make it look a bit more TD-ish (especially the water).
- replaced the 'green' terrain of the desert theater with "rough" terrain.
- replaced most of the TS temp/desert trees with TD desert and YR desert trees & bushes.
- replaced the remaining TS temp/desert rocks with YR desert rocks.
- the roads on winter terrain are now more greyish sandy like in TD winter terrain instead of yellowish like in TD desert.
- fixed a glitch on the south-east tunnel exits on winter terrain.
- replaced some of the civilian buildings with TD civilian buildings.
- All Walls, Fences, rocks, trees and tiberium trees now have their own radar colors instead of just black.
- Big blue Tiberium crystal was replaced with one of the Firestorm Tib Trees, because IMO the crystal is just ugly...
- color of blue tiberium was made brighter with a hint of teal.

- tweaked the animation palette for slightly better colors.
- water explosions now use RA1 animations.
- crate powerups now use the corresponding animations from RA1.
- Grenade from grenadier is now properly animated.
- flamer and chem spray animations for directions NW, NE, E, SE, SW, and W were resized to better correspond with the isometric perspective and their range.

- Fixed the problem that many building SHPs used a wrong compression which led to glitches when buildings "overlapped" with other buildings or units.
- tweaked Obelisk chargeup-animation timing.
- tweaked angle of red lights on the obelisk (previously wasn't 100% in line with the rest of the Obelisk).
- laser beam now comes out EXACTLY at the tip of the Obelisk (previously, it was 2 pixels too far to the right).
- GDI barracks now have an own build-up animation instead of using the RA2 one.
- removed a few pixels from the barracks' backside to make it appear a bit 'rounder'.
- Concrete walls now have their own damaged stage instead of using the TS Nod wall damaged stage.
- Concrete walls and Fences now have the correct radar color instead of black.
- The Gun Turret now has a damaged stage for both the turret and the base, instead of only for the base.
- Temple of Nod non-damaged stage received some minor tweaking (made some pitch-black spots a bit less dark, added/removed a few pixels on the 'tail')
- improved the 'lighting' on the ConYard crane, also made some minor tweaks to the shadow, turbine animation and lights (which are actually visible now, and animated).
- tweaked the Guard Tower, previously its lighting looked as if the 'sun' was located SE instead of SW.
- tweaked the Comm. Center graphics, also added some flashing lights ;)
- made the black of the Nuke sign on the power plants more clear.
- Obelisk charging anim glows in the night, also it no longer flickers.
- reduced the aliasing caused by the sharpening filter on the Repair Bay graphics.
- tweaked the tiberium tank animation on the Refinery (removed some flickering).
- improved the colors of the silo's fill stages a bit.
- Airfield's Transport plane animation is now completely remapped.

Vehicle Voxels:
- made the Light Tank's hull a bit shorter and slightly improved normals.
- improved the normals on the Flame Tank a bit.
- increased the size of the Nod APC to match the GDI APC.
- tweaked the Orca voxel a bit, mostly the 'tail fins', to reduce some lighting problems.
- increased the size of the GDI Jeep, APC, Medium Tank and Mammoth a bit.
- improved the normals on all GDI voxels a bit.
- changed GDI voxel colors to a more TD-ish color scheme.
- improved the Tiberium Harvester:
---> re-normalized its back,
---> tweaked the front normals a bit,
---> moved the back wheels forward a bit,
---> made the frame that holds the tiberium container 'move up' on the unloading harvester.

- New crate images derived from the TD crate image.
- fixed some glitches on 'crashed' terrain objects (dead tank, plane etc.)
- Placement grid is now more TD-ish.
- Implemented TD-style button art.
- Implemented TD-style font.
- Implemented new score screen.
- made the score screen font tiberian green.
- main menu mouse cursor is now the same as the in-game main cursor.
- sidebars on dialog pop-ups now use graphical elements from TD.
- Some other minor visual improvements I implemented long ago and don't remember exactly.


- RotD now only uses the same death screams TD used. Unused TD death screams are no longer used in RotD as well.
- Mammoth Tank cannon now uses the same sound as in TD.
- now both versions of Act On Instinct, the PC version and the SEGA/PSX version, are available in the playlist.
- old music packs will be replaced by a single, more complete music pack.
- number of tracks that are included by default increased.


- improved AI, now attacks with larger forces, some wrong trigger settings fixed.
- replaced old Nuke code with DTA Nuke code (damage not as high and random as before). Reload time was adjusted accordingly.
- fixed the TS bug that the crate armor 'upgrade' reduced(!) the armor. Now it doubles the armor, as intended.
- removed crate Powerups that didn't work properly or could potentially cause problems.
- removed veterancy crate powerup from ROTD Classic mode.
- speed of ballistic projectiles was reduced.
- Advanced Power Plant is 2x2 cells now instead of 2x3.
- Due to a misunderstanding, rate of fire of SSM launcher was too high. ROF should now be more in line with TD.
- Removed some minor differences between TD balancing and RotD 2.7 balancing. Balancing should now be even closer to the original C&C.
- fixed that the Nod Attack helicopter machine gun had no muzzle flash.
- Removed Veterancy from classic ROTD mode. This feature is now exclusive to Reaperrr's Rules.
- fixed some errors and outdated settings on the RotD-exclusive maps.


- Fixed the 2.7 problem that some TS maps couldn't be selected.
- all animations and transparency effects except the hard-coded ones (laser glow, sonic beam, ion cannon wave) are now played on every detail level...
- ... which means the WCE fix isn't needed, if your OS is Vista or Win7 just set the detail level to 'low' which disables the problematic special effects that cause the WCE.
- Includes Understorms UDP patch for better network/internet compatibility.
- Maximum internet players increased from 4 to 8.

I dare to say this can be considered a massive update ;)
New screenshots and additional info on the new "Reaperrr's Rules" mode will follow soon.

Stay tuned.


yay :)

Multyplayer via TCP/IP possible?

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Reaperrr Author

"Includes Understorms UDP patch for better network/internet compatibility."
yep ;)

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