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Hi all,

I apologize for the somewhat long period of time without any word on an update. I've been busy with school and not able to do much work, but I am still updating it when I can. In the meantime, I thought I'd share a feature I've been working on relating to expansion in Korea. I'll also add similar events for when other lands are conquered, perhaps resulting in different Catpeople-influenced cultures based on the culture that existed there before (Koreanic-Catpeople, Sino-Catpeople, Russo-Catpeople, etc.). Humano-Catpeople would thus change to "Neppunese" (or Japonic-Catpeople) to reflect the initial culture mix of Japanese and Catpeople. Let me know your thoughts on this.


The main condition for this event to occur is the appointing of Itu Umeko. This can be done after all of Korea is annexed into the Western Protectorate.


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I want to appoint Itu Umeko as soon as possible xd

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Vic2_testdummy - - 4 comments

Sounds pretty good but I imagine a rebellion would probably happen Korea (probably the northern part with how mountainous it is would probably resist) and maybe a rebellion in Japan (though maybe just agitating the liberal factions is enough since a rebellion or even two rebellions have occurred beforehand).

Its up to you but I'm not too sure how russo-cat people would work during this period since Europe... was quite racist to put it mildly (Russia being defeated by a Asian power shocked pretty much all of Europe and many historians point to this event in terms of the Russian Revolution of 1905). To be fair China was no better during this period but I imagine there would not be as many problems with assimilation since the Qing were in decline. That being said Nicholas II did visit Japan and was overall very happy with the visit as even an assassination attempt on him in Japan (Ōtsu incident) did not harm relations too much (Historians debate this but its kinda surprising an assassination attempt on an absolute monarch did not result in a war. He even got a dragon tattoo as well which might have haunted him after the Russo-Japanese war but history is like that. I will also add that Korea and Manchuria had not yet become a huge contentious issue between japan and Russia but cat people or not there should be events regarding that). I have also heard rumors that he almost married a Japanese princess (I highly doubt this as there is a lot of fake information on him but I guess it was a possibility albeit very slim if not impossible since he really wanted and eventually married Alexandra Feodorovna whom he loved). Again this is mostly speculation and historical events that might interest you since Japan was kind of pivotal to modern history.

Either way I think your idea is pretty good and I look forward in seeing how you implement it.

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NoahsRebels Author
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Sorry for the late reply, I don't use ModDB much and I didn't even realize there were comments on this article, I was only checking the front page.

A rebellion in Korea is certainly something I could add, maybe after directly annexing the Western Protectorate one could fire in northern Korea like you said, that may come in the future.

There will be a rebellion event early on in northern Japan led by the remaining unassimilated Japanese people who have resisted the Catpeople up until the start of the game, but as of now I don't have much content for that nation fleshed out yet, just the rebellion itself.

I've mainly been working on this assimilation feature and an event chain relating to China I won't spoil too much for now. Basically how it'll work is an event will fire for a province (with various factors affecting how quickly it fires) which will assimilate the territory depending on the what the majority existing culture there was. E.g, if a province has more Chinese people than any other people group, and the assimilation event fires, that province will turn Sino-catpeople.

It is true Europe was generally racist, however assimilation still happened within the continent, just among Europeans themselves. (think Bretons in France assimilating to French culture, or Cornish with English, etc.)

Either way, I think assimilation would be possible simply if a foreign power took over some land and imposed its culture and laws and such on the populous. If European racism would make this more difficult is hard to tell, since I don't think any Europeans were ever dominated by foreigners during the Victorian age. But considering there are countless historical examples of it happening I don't think it's too unrealistic.

The feature will take a while to add since I have to make a separate event for each variety of Catpeople, and I plan to add a lot (ideally for most cultures across the globe) because I also plan to a late-game decision which will give you cores on the whole world. Very OP, and it'll be hard to get, but world Catgirl domination is a path I wanna make available for the player if they wish, and I think it'd be fun.

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Vic2_testdummy - - 4 comments

Got it. Also yes assimilation did happen in Europe but its a complicated topic even as there are always exceptions as Ukraine and Belarus despite being a part of the Russian empire for a long time did not assimilate (and it seems modern Russia under Putin has sadly not leaned this). There are other European examples as well but Russia is a prime example.

I will also add that while Europe was not dominated by foreigners it's not like the influence wasn't there as the British raj brought a lot of Indians to Britain and the same goes for the french colonial empire (I am sure there was issues but I'm not too familiar with this topic).

In general I am mostly basing the whole European racism on how Japan was sidelined numerous times despite the fact that they beat a European great power along with the fact that they proved how capable they were numerous times as they were only defeated due to highly incompetent diplomacy with the bombing of pearl harbor. That being said I think it was more of Americas fault in Japan being sidelined than Europe actually because there was a very strong alliance between Britain and Japan but America ruined that alliance. Plus America was under Jim Crow and while Europe definitely had racism I'm not so sure how prominent it was (again Britain did ally Japan after all). Either way its a complicated topic and I will enjoy whatever you come up with.

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