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Hello, comrades! I'm afraid I might (there's a chance it won't, but it might) have to delay the Rossies 3D Demo, due to complications with getting the architecture of the building you will infiltrate, click the title link for more information. END TRANSMISSION!

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Hello, Comrades! t's been a while since I've last updated this page, I wish I had come back to give good news, but that isn't the case.

I've been developing the school level of the game, as you can see through screenshots of them I've uploaded a while ago, and I've been running across problems with developing the level.

You see, I'm using a tile-like system to make the level, each room is basically a set of tiles, and aside from the problem I'm having right now, It's done me good, level creation had become much easier, making gaps for windows and doors are much easier, connecting them up is easy too, since the tiles would align...

However, I've been having to leave gaps between each room, to avoid walls going through each-other (which slows down the game, and not to mention it looks ugly!), but that's caused a problem...

Imagine this scenario, they are 2 classrooms, right beside each-other and beside them is a corridor, and all of the rooms are to connect to each-other, the rooms can't align because I have to space everything out, unless I wanted to create a giant doorway between the 2 classrooms (Which I did not!). There's also the problem with making the schools exterior, obviously, the outside walls have to be separate and not touching the inside walls.

So I'm looking into a new, or modified method of dealing with these problems, I think I have one, and it worked great when I tested it. The problem is, now I'd have to recreate the school all over again. I have all the textures I need, and the design is up to date, so it won't take as long, nor be as tedious, but I fear it may still take a while, and I might not meet the demo deadline.

UPDATE: I have a new method for building the level like I would want to, but it involves using a tool in Blender that's still in the alpha stage, and is very glitchy, so I'd have no choice but to wait until it becomes stable...

That's all I have, you may now continue to not care about the game and forget all about it, until next time, that is!



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