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Below I will state the names of the main Kingdoms and Empires of the Mod that I would recommend for newcomers and or veterans of CK2. I also recommend you play the 931 Bookmark as it is the most complete version of the mod and is where the lore is and will be mostly developed.

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rookies list.

1. Daria
2. Warilek Empire
3. Na'aGha Empire
4. Delelek

Veterans list.

1. DanDeda
2. Davi-Tarz
3. WuHavon
4. Lijomes
5. Tumilip
6. Tikula

there are more I could mention but these are the main empires which will probably be played I hope you enjoy the mod and look forward to future content.

so currently the mod doesn't work for the current version of CK2 because the tool I use to make my mods isn't compatible yet with the current version of the game, so if you still want to play you will need to revert to version 2.6.2. I will be releasing a closed beta of the game soon where I will choose 30-40 signees to test out order to be accepted you must be serious about finding bugs that resign in the mod and I recommend you bring friends as it will increase your chances of getting into the group I choose as I prefer players to play together so multiple people can find potential game-breaking bugs in the game. however, I will still accept some people who just apply on their own.

Installation Guide:

so to play the mod right click on your CK2 on steam then click Properties then betas and then click the top dropbox and select 2.6.2 - Old Version 2.6.2. then let your game download the update and when you are done launch the mod through the game launcher boom you're done.

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