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Rooftops 3 (Rooftops Revisited) is just around the corner. More details further down this post.

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Rooftops Revisited has had rapid development over the past month. The map design and gameplay alone, were done within 15 days and they were streamed live on youtube here:

The release date says March 15, however, yet again, the project isn't ready on time.
Although, we are more than close to its release as all that's left to do are the following.

  • Finalize Menu:
    World At War menu has been entirely rewritten based on Rooftops 2 menu layout. There are still elements from WAW like the server find menu or various lobby elements, but the whole aesthetic is changed to a more Modern Warfare looking menu.

  • Music:
    No music has been implemented to the map yet.

  • Outro and gameplay tests:
    Before releasing the mod publicly, me and some friends from Discord will have to test the map extensively along with the menu itself to make sure everything work as they should and that players won't bump into frustrating and gamebreaking bugs.

All those shouldn't take more than a week, however, given the unpredictability of our daily lives, I can't guarantee anything. Hence, I will delay the release of the mod for a week or so. But who knows, maybe we'll get it ready this weekend somehow. We'll find out soon.

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Looks cool! Though imo your should change the background to be more like cod4. Red just doesn't look that great even though i think i know why you have done that.

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SPi-99 Author

I'll probably change it to a slow video background of the map itself or something and keep the red gradient as color tint.

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That's probably the way to go

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