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The Romans excel at massing powerful melee infantry. Their siege weapons and defenses are strong as well.

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Early units:

  • Roman Skirmisher (can hide during the night, maintained after the reforms)
  • Roman Hastatus (light swordsman)
  • Roman Princeps (heavy swordsman)
  • Roman Triarius (bonused versus cavalry)

Marian Reform Units

  • Roman Legionaire (heavy swordsman - champion unit)
  • Roman Centurion (heavy swordsman, has command aura - champion unit)
  • Roman Spear Auxilia (bonused versus cavalry)
  • Roman Archer Auxilia


  • Roman Allied Cavalry (cavalry skirmisher)
  • Roman Equite (heavy cavalry)


  • Roman Villager
  • Roman Priest


  • Roman Battering Ram
  • Roman Ballista


  • Civ Center

    • Trains: Roman Villager
    • Techs: Town Phase (2 tiers, phase up), Loom

      (Villager, hit points), Logistics (Barracks Infantry, half pop cost, Romans Only)

    • Other: New ones can only be upgraded from colonies, which are only buildable on capturable settlements. Garrison Workers.
  • Farm

    • Trains: Sheep, Chicken
  • Watch Tower

    • Techs: Guard Tower (Watch Tower, enables attack/hit

      points), Carrier Pigeons (tower, line of sight), Town Watch (2 tiers,

      structure, line of sight)

    • Other: Detects hidden units, Upgrades to Ballista Tower with a stronger siege attack.
  • Storehouse

    • Techs: Improved Mining (3 tiers), Improved Lumber

      Harvesting (3 tiers), Improved Construction (3 tiers), Handcart (2

      tiers, Villager speed)

    • Other: Lumber dropsite
  • Legion Barracks

    • Trains: Roman Skirmisher, Roman Hastatus, Roman Princeps, Roman Triarius, Roman Legionaire, Roman Spear Auxilia, Roman Centurion
    • Techs: Gladius (Swordmen, attack rate, Romans
      only), Testudo Formation (Legionaire, allows testudo, Romans only), Defensive/Guerrilla/Offensive Core Infantry (choice tech)
  • Archery Range
    • Trains: Roman Archer Auxilia, Roman Ballista
    • Techs: Marksmanship (Archer damage), Fire Arrows
      (Archer/Structure/Ship extra damage vs Structures/Ships/Siege),
      Composite Bow (Archer, range)
  • Forge

    • Techs: Weapon Forging (3 tiers, melee damage),

      Missile Forging (3 tiers, ranged damage), Armorcrafting (3 tiers, heavy

      armor), Leatherworking (3 tiers, light armor), Footwear (infantry


  • Temple
    • Trains: Priest
    • Techs: Faith (Priest, hit points), Brainwash (Priest, conversion) Afterlife (Organic unit, attack rate)
  • Market

    • Trains: Horse (needed to build Stables)
    • Techs: Coinage (periodic income per ally)
    • Other: Exchange Resources
  • Stables

    • Trains: Roman Equite, Roman Allied Cavalry
    • Techs: Heavy/Swift Horses (choice tech, hit points or speed)
  • Fortress

    • Trains: Roman Battering Ram, Roman Legionaire, Roman Spear Auxilia, Roman Centurion
    • Techs: Draft Horses (Siege, speed), Reinforced
      Ramheads (Ram, damage), Lorica Segmentata (Legionaire, increases missile ressistance, Romans only)
  • Monument
    • Other: has command aura
  • Academy
    • Techs:

      Engineering (Ballista and Ballista Tower, range/hit points), Ballistics
      (Ballista and Ballista Tower, less random damage), Medicine (Organic
      Units, regeneration), Imported Construction Technology (Structures/Ships/Siege, attack rate and hit points, Romans only), Marian Reforms (Replaces Melee Infantry with new units, Romans only)


  • Champion Infantry available at Barracks as well
  • Infantry train 20% faster. Melee Infantry have +1 damage per second.
  • Early foot soldiers promote to stronger ones through combat (Hastatus -> Princeps -> Triarius).
  • Auxiliary Archers and Spearmen can repair structures.
  • Marian Reforms replace Melee Infantry with a set of new units, improving Swordsmen, adding Archers but weakening Spearmen.


  • Infantry: Excellent (besides late game spears). Many techs and bonuses.
  • Missile units: Weak early/mid game. Above average late game.
  • Cavalry: Weak. Very few techs.
  • Siege: Very Strong. All techs.
  • Economy: Average.
  • Structures: Strong.
  • Navy: Some special techs for hired ships.

Format shamelessly stolen from the design document of the free indie RTS 0 A.D. Both for it's usefulness and as a chance to promote it.


I think Romans could use Siege Towers and train Attack Dogs from Farms.

Ancient Roman Battle tatic: Roman Archer formations used attack dogs to keep enemy shields down while shoting their heads, enemys would be wound be either ways protecting from missiles but being attacked by a dog, or shields down to protect against the dogs and being shot at the heads!

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ProdigalSon Author

There's no point for Siege Towers for two reasons:
1) No walls. Wacraft has no wall system and I don't wanna mess with extremely complex triggers. So probably no walls either.
2) No suitable model. Unless someone is willing to add team colour to one I have in mind. But still, Siege Towers with no walls isn't that interesting to me.

First time I learn about this tactic. I might research on it a bit, but probably War Dogs will remain a Celtic-only unit. Romans have a good troop variety anyway while Celts are a little on the downside here. Plus I want factions to play a bit differently. Not on Warcraft levels, but not as similarly as in Age Of Empires either.

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What if you add the ability for infantry to "assemble" into a catapult/siege weapon? (drew this idea from an old game called Nemesis of the Roman Empire)

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ProdigalSon Author

You mean them pulling the weapon? Or garrison in it? If you mean the second, up to four infantry can garrison in Siege Rams.

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