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A look at two of the Minor Factions you can recruit.

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Today we'll look at the two last Minor Factions that will appear in the next release of Hyrule Conquest.

Gorons of Rolling Ridge

In the mountain ranges of Labrynna rest the Gorons of Rolling Ridge. Shy, reclusive, and a myth to many in Hyrule, this particular race of rockmen was quite distinct from their mineral-eating, lava-bathing brethren. Although it was quite easy to make friends with the passive fellows, finding them in the first place was a daunting task in itself.

Rolling Ridge provides players with a set of durable and high-armor value units, many which have Camouflage. Factions that lack in durable unit options, such as the Kokiri and Fairies of Tarm, are prime factions to seek out the aid of Rolling Ridge. Their unique building is the Talus Mine, which can endlessly harvest Material from the ground to use for building new structures.

Bracer - These smaller Goron warriors spend most of their time dancing and eating between the Talus Peaks and Mount Ebon. Despite their shy but friendly personalities, they are more than capable of defending their homes with fists of solid rock.

Pebblit - Like the larger Stone Talus, Pebblits spend a vast majority of time laying on the ground as harmless rocks. They can be stirred into aggression and provoked to chase hostiles, and indeed many on the Talus peaks do.

Bastion - A giant Goron of Rolling Ridge, the Bastions defend their homelands from would be miners and gem seekers. Using their two massive stone arms, a Bastion can pummel anything smaller than itself into rubble.

Buster - High on the mountaintops of Rolling Ridge these Gorons perch themselves, tossing giant boulders from above onto invaders down below. These skilled Gorons are sometimes known for causing "boulderstorms" when bored.

Stone Talus - These massive stone creatures seem to spend most of their time as dormant rocks and boulders on the mountainsides of the Talus Peaks. For reasons unknown, they will occasionally spring to life and violently attack anything that moves around their resting place. The Stone Talus on Rolling Ridge are particularly powerful, and the native Gorons have taken the effort to somewhat domesticate these giant lumbering monsters.

Smog - The Elder of Rolling Ridge and his tribe of Gorons, Smog advises his people with his centuries of experience from the top of Crown Ridge. He spends most of his day in communion with the Goron spirits, ingesting all manner of smokey incense to aid his connection. When threatened he's able to turn his mastery over the smoke against his attackers.


A truly ancient people that once ruled much of Hyrule, legends say that the Wizzrobe undermined and destroyed their own civilization with their powerful sorcery. Their cities sunk beneath the earth, and for centuries they have maintined a shadow cult-like culture in the darkness of Hyrule's mountainous catacombs. Occasionally these dark magicians make their way to the surface, using their wizardry to raise their ruined cities from beneath the earth.

The Wizzrobe provides players with a powerful selection of Mages. Factions that are lacking in any kind of magic damage and defense, such as Moblins and Gorons, would be foolish to not consider establishing an Embassy with the Wizzrobe. Their unique building is the Magic Circle which will not function in the next release, but once completed will be able to teleport your armies anywhere within your territory.

Fire Wizzrobe - Perhaps the most common spellcaster in the Wizzrobe ranks, control over fire seems to have been the easiest form of magic to master. These pyromancers use their magic to create and unleash steady streams of flames at their enemies, incinerating just about anything in seconds.

Ice Wizzrobe - Wizzrobes skilled in the arts of frost, these icy magicians could halt enemies in place with their cold magics.

Earth Wizzrobe - These magicians could will the mineral earth to their command, creating barriers and projectiles out of rocks. Some of these geomancers could hurl boulders large enough to rival catapults and other siege weaponry, crushing multiple enemies in an explosive blast of rubble and dirt.

Illusion Wizzrobe - The art of Illusion was one of the most difficult schools of magic for a Wizzrobe to master, and certainly one of the most dangerous. An Illusionist faced the danger of losing all touch with reality, becoming lost in their own creations and mirages, and developing crippling paranoia and mistrust of anything. Those that mastered the art could use it to terrifying effect on their enemies in battle.

Conjurer - Conjurers were select Wizzrobe that had devoted their study to the creation and summoning of arcane and magical creatures to do their bidding. A powerful Conjurer could materialize an entire army of loyal minions under his command. In the next release of Hyrule Conquest they will be able to summon Mad Scrubs, Armos Statues, and Twilight Zora.

Carock - Carock is among the most powerful of the known Wizzrobe, and there is little other information other than that. He has been tied to many assassinations and overthrowing of monarchs, making him one of the Sheikah's prime enemies.

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The Wizzrobes finally return!

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