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Rohan is represented as a nation of cavalry and farms.

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Culture: Men
Home City: Edoras
Leader: King Theoden
Style: Rush/Boom
Economy focus: Food

Bonuses & Distinctions:

  • Units train faster but they have less initial hit points.
  • Each age up provides a farm wagon
  • They start with a farm wagon
  • Stables can be build in the First Age
  • They have a small navy


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Archer, Swordsman, Axeman, Horseman, Mounted Archer, Lancer, Mounted Axeman (UU) and Royal Guard of Rohan (UU)

* I made Rohan back in January, back when I was still learning how to mod. If some icons or textures look odd, it´s because of that. I am currently redoing some of them.

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this is awesome, when will this be downloadable?

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es genial, ardo en deseos de poder jugarlo

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