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1. Draft (1PP)

- all peasants become armed (unchanged)

2. Scout (1PP)

- summons Rohan scout (spies on enemy forces and reveals hidden units)

3.Oath of Cirion (3PP)

- summons Gondor allies

4. House of Eorl (2PP)

- +10% life for Eomer, Eowyn and Theoden. Allows upgrade Citadels with royal guards

5. Grand harvest (3PP)

- +100% production from farms

6. White Rider (4PP)

- summons Gandalf the White on the battlefield

7. Anduril (2 PP)

- Aragorn +100% damage, +50% armor, +25% speed (unchanged)

Recruit Aragorn first and then purchase spell Anduril, otherwise the spell will have no effect on Aragorn.

8. Muster of Rohan (3PP)

- decreases the build cost and build time of cavalry

9. Elven allies (6PP)

- summons Elves (unchanged)

10. Cloudbreak (6PP)

- stuns enemy units and temporarily reduce their armor and speed (unchanged)

11. Horns of Rohirrim (3PP)

- increases all cavalry speed by 10%, damage by 30% and reduces trample deceleration

12. Ents allies (15PP)

- Summons Ents

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