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Rohan update regarding it being almost "base" completed

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Rohan Faction Update


  • All Rohan Buildings can be built by the Rohan Porters
  • All Buildings have there artwork and upgrades as well as effects (e.g: Rohan Fountain)
  • All previous Rohan units have been revamped with larger hordes and artwork (new skins coming soon)
  • New Rohan Fighters and Spearmen (ROTWK version) added with animations and artwork (including skins)
  • Imported the old building buttons and portraits from BFME1 and ROTWK
  • All Heavy Armor, Forged Blades, Fire Arrows, and Banner Carriers can be purchased and work correctly


MTTA (Middle-earth through the Ages) is adding the Rohan faction as it was in BFME1. It will also add a few newer units and will feature a bunch of new reskins as well as a new building called the Rohan Hall. This Hall will be like a Rohan Barracks where you can train Swordsmen and Spearmen. The Hall will fit in perfectly model and skin wise and will follow the theme of Rohan.


Pictures will be uploaded later today (inbetween 2-5 hours)

- {IP}Apollo and the MTTA Modding Team

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