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Create your own Rogue Adventure with the Rogue Engine Editor! In this update: Physics & Light! [Video]

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Hello my dear Rogues!

In this news I want to show you the progress I made with the "Rogue Engine Editor" - an editor I make exclusively for Caasi's Odyssey! With this editor you will create the Rogue Adventure of your dreams. At least it will enable 100% mod support for Caasi's Odyssey!

But let's start with a small video which summarizes the progress. Have fun and enjoy the trip! :)

Watch the video in 1080p @ 60 FPS!

Stay a while and listen

Let there be light

A lot of work was done in the past weeks. I implemented a full working light- and physics engine into the Rogue Engine Editor for example, but also a lot of other things. Take a look at the brand new context menu, which shows the ambient light sliders:


Seeing the result directly in the editor view, makes it possible to create the mood you want for the current visible dungeon.
Another great thing is that you can change an individual light too. You can change things like color, intensity, origin, rotation and you can also give the light a texture! This creates very special ambiences:


The possibilities for creating different looking dungeons are already endless. Can you imagine what cool things you can do with an additional particle effect editor for example? Yeah, those are things which i'm working on and it will make the whole dungeon appearance again a lot more vivid.

Let there be physics

Yes, this also a part of our world and not only the light ;)
Implementing a physics engine into the editor was a very great and important milestone, because this also makes it possible now to have full selectable entities in the editor view:



It's easier than ever before to select entities and edit them.
Besides that you can edit all the physical bodies directly now and create a whole different physical environment for the dungeon. At some point during the development of Caasi's Odyssey and the Rogue Engine I talked about "magical things" like the automatical creation of a physical body just by giving the object a different texture. Now I want to show you something more concrete:


The green area you see in this picture is a static physics body. It was generated completly automatical. You don't need to fiddle around with polygons and faces, because they are all created out of the texture you are giving the object. That's what I meaned with "magical things". It's not hard anymore to create something physical. You just need the textures...

By the way: You can choose out of different algorithms for the body creation so you will always have a great result. Oh, and everything you saw in the video above was generated automatically - just by using textures...! Can you imagine how easy it is to create a mod for Caasi's Odyssey? :)

What's Next?

I'm currently working on last important things for the first official version of the Rogue Engine Editor like the integration of the Steam SDK. And then I head back to the Caasi's Odyssey game project to finalize the port to the current MonoGame Framework. I will give you more insight in the next news. Be prepared and buy popcorn! :)

Create the Rogue Adventure of your dreams!

See you in the next news!

I hope you enjoyed this update. Don't forget to follow me here on IndieDB!

I also wish you a very nice weekend!

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